Paulina Kay


Paulina Kay is a former corporate communications and public relations professional who has transitioned from translating corporate stories to telling the stories of the virtuous in Old Age. While taking time off for her family, she went through very difficult times that propelled her to an internal growth transformation that led her to reclaim her love for the elderly. She knew she didn’t want to return to corporate communications and she’d been preparing to what had always been her passion of the importance of transgenerational relationships in modern times.

Growing up in Mexico, with an older father, she was very close to her grandmother. She taught her that inclusion is so important and that the loneliness and separation that are so endemic with our elderly is heartbreaking. Today, we may have the best technology for taking care of our elders, yet the most important and often ignored aspect of their well being is the care of those hearts growing old. For this reason, she decided to craft this book and communicate the knowledge that aging can be beautiful to them, and that they can relax and fully enjoy these golden years. This book is also her way of sharing her own personal stories of the different elders that have greatly enriched her life. She is optimistic that this would inspire many to reach out and connect with the older people in their lives.

In addition to the book, and out of her own experience taking her children to visit nursing home residents, she founded Tender Hearts, a community-based initiative that connects schools and nursing homes using a visitation and activities model, thus creating a bond made of deep sentiment of respect and values in our children toward our Seniors.

She strongly believes that elders need to play productive and active roles in our communities in many ways, and in this book, she would share a host of budding and ground-gaining programs aimed at connecting and supporting the elderly. It would be amazing that we all can be part of creating these new communities – young and all.


This is the time to elevate and listen to our elders. Young and old, we all are strongly interconnected. We need each other more than ever and I want to show you that there are many exciting ways we all can deeply connect with our elders. Enjoyment is important in every aspect of life and not many elderly can say that they enjoyed today.

We all have the duty shift, part and forge together communities where we can use and greatly benefit from our elders’ support and wisdom. We all will grow old by nature, and reaching a mature age should be nothing but an episode of celebration and with a stronger presence in society and communities. Elderhood is a time to enjoy life and live it to the fullest.

Isn’t it great that we all can enthusiastically look forward to aging?


We all can enthusiastically look forward to aging. How older people can play a bigger role in our life and Society. I have stories that will inspire you to help you connect with our elders & how we all can take advantage of their wisdom. There are many ways each of us can participate in this new cultural path of creating enriching communities where elderhood is nurtured.


Elders are a very valuable resource to enriching our communities and we should take advantage of that.

  • Don’t worry about getting old.
  • Why elders are a great resource of experience and knowledge to our communities.
  • What we can learn from other cultures about embracing the aging process.
  • The importance of listening to our elders.
  • What is preventing us from showing affection to the elders in our life.
  • Why children and elderly benefit from close relationship.
  • How to encourage relationship building between generations.
  • How to tap into our elders’ wisdom.
  • How to play an active role in engaging with our elders.
  • Why the elderly can bring more humanity to our culture, which is in decline.