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Patsy Chia is a writer who wrote her book as a lasting memory of the trials and tribulations that she had gone through as a caregiver to her mother suffering from dementia. This book will also be a good source of support for other fellow caregivers.

Perseverance, determination and a positive mindset has helped Patsy through her struggles and challenges to provide the best care she could for her mum. Coming from a humble background, she is thankful for her countless blessings and she understands the anxiety and frustrations of a caregiver. Patsy overcame her challenges and struggles to be burden free.

To Patsy, “age” is only a number which should not prevent us from maintaining our energy, alertness, dignity and good health as we approach our golden years. She chose to age gracefully and with dignity into her twilight years.


Caregiver roles can be stressful as caregivers can experience an increased risk of depression and anxiety. As the population ages, a growing number of people will be serving as caregivers for family members affected by dementia and other types of functional impairment. As the number of ageing baby boomers are growing, we never can tell if we will have to be a caregiver to our loved ones one day.

Learn how…
To cope with the many challenges of the caregiver roles. Caregivers need to cope with changes in their lifestyle. They may develop a larger understanding of the illness which will move them to keep going and remind themselves that this is something to be expected with aging. This is where family support, frequent visits by family members and a strong social network relate with lower levels of caregiver burden. The number of ageing baby boomers turning 70 years in the next 5 years is growing, and this is something to be looked at a deeper perspective.

In these pages you will uncover…

How you could learn to de-stress, manage your anxiety and build your immunity system. Managing medical and other financial matters may pose to be a strain for some people if they are unprepared for it.

Patsy shares her experience as a caregiver to her mother suffering from dementia. She is writing this book as a legacy for her loving and supportive family and her two beautiful grandchildren. She shares the lasting memory of the trials and tribulations she has gone through in being the only child and she hopes that this book will touch and provide a source of support for other fellow caregivers.

There is dignity in every human being. Patsy believes we can choose to maintain an active lifestyle and learn to age gracefully (physically and mentally).

A large number of Singaporeans are holding down full time jobs and shouldering caregiver responsibilities.


Patsy Chia brings an honest and touching account of the reality of being a caregiver in her book Burden No More. Patsy brings out the reality of the caregiver’s challenges, encased in a message that will encourage, uplift, and recharge the spirit of all readers. An inspiring book to read!
– Gerry Robert, author of The Millionaire Mindset

“Burden No More shows you how to release the heavy burden that most caregivers experience on a daily basis. Patsy Chia beautifully leads the reader to providing care with love and dignity. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to read this book.”
– Jean-Guy Francoeur, author of Messy Manager

“With grace and compassion, Patsy Chia writes about the reviewing of your current situation, adjusting, and re-planning in preparation for your golden years. It is the “Go To” book for both practical and heartfelt advice. Patsy makes meeting challenges and adapting to change easy!”
– Deborah Turton, COO at Black Card Books

“Burden No More is a great guide book which is simple and honest from someone who has gone through the pains and struggles caring for her own mother with dementia. An eye opener not only to baby boomers but also to young adults in preparation for their own retirement.” – James Burgess, AMP Project Manager at Black Card Books

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