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This is a recount of Pamela Gattellari’s personal journey that led her to beat osteoporosis after her discovery that diet held the key to prevention and recovery.

After being diagnosed as ‘osteopenic’ over a five-year period, she followed the standard medical advice to eat 3 daily serves of dairy, take Vitamin D and to get plenty of exercise.

This led to a vertebral fracture in the spine, a loss of 1cm in height and a diagnosis of osteoporosis, which was presented as being incurable and necessitating an immediate recourse to drugs. Yet there are no guarantees with the medical treatments and they have been highly experimental in their nature.

As an extremely healthy and active woman she experienced a wave of cold fear as she read of bone that could snap like a twig, confinement to indoors, total loss of independence and the huge probability of early death in the case of a hip fracture. Then came the numerous side-effects of bisphosphonates which shockingly included spontaneous breakage of the thigh bone and bone-death of the jaw (that also happened to be irreversible).

Shocked and astounded to find herself confronting a diagnosis of osteoporosis, Pamela immediately recognized that the medical advice she had followed for the past 5 years was totally incorrect.

Research initially yielded no solutions and it seemed like a one-way street to a life of isolation and drugs with potentially horrific side effects until she came across a single sentence on a chat forum. A woman had written, ‘I regained bone by following the principles in this book’.

That book written by an American nutrition scientist, analyzed and compared the results and conclusions of all known world-wide osteoporotic research studies to that time.

There was clear evidence that a drug-free alternative did exist and although the research has been available for over forty years remains largely unacknowledged by mainstream doctors and health organizations to this day!

Pamela launched herself fully into the study of osteoporosis, the latest research and faithfully followed the required dietary changes to completely halt the bone loss thus avoiding further bone collapse and regaining her bone health.

 It is her wish to alert others to this natural method in the hope that they too can avoid osteoporosis or halt its onslaught without further endangering their health. She remained in discourse with her supportive doctor throughout the time she engaged upon this mission and would advise others to do exactly the same.


A diagnosis of osteoporosis changes people. That once familiar, normal, happy, vibrant lifestyle is threatened with permanent and terrifying change. No longer carefree and independent, osteoporosis makes sufferers afraid of life …their thoughts change:

When I go shopping I’ll have to be on constant look-out.  Shopping trolleys are dangerous? Will those children run into me? Will I break another bone? If a hip bone breaks, I could die within the year. I could be confined indoors. I’ll be more dependent on my family. Will they get sick of looking after me? What about the drugs? I have heard of really unpleasant side-effects. Doctors offer no other options.

Drugs, the immediate medical treatment for both osteoporosis and osteopenia, offer no guarantees and have never been proven to prevent fractures for the vast majority. Normal bone growth called bone re-modelling growth follows a process of firstly clearing away weak bone, then rebuilding new bone. The bisphoshonate drugs interfere with this process, by preventing the clearing away of old bone. Nevertheless bone building continues and the new bone is deposited on top of the old bone. This causes a bone density scan to record to record an increase  in bone density, yet the remaining bone becomes brittle lacking the natural flexibility demonstrated in normal bone.

They all have many side effects, ranging from rashes, itchiness, the worst being severe leg pain, spontaneous fracture of the femur and bone death of the jaw.

But there is a drug-free alternative! Simple dietary changes can prevent and stop the progress of osteoporosis. An imbalance in the modern diet has created an upset tin the  way our bodies function at the metabolic level.

The current recommended guidelines to avoid osteoporosis do not halt its development. 

Bone health requires that the right balance of nutrients are regularly delivered to these living tissues to maintain their strength and flexibility.

To adopt the principles outlined in this book is a chance to regain bone-health naturally. Osteoporosis advances slowly! Just six months of following this natural diet, (completely free of side-effects) is long enough to see a turn around. You can choose! Medical treatments will always be available. You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain!

Learn How To…

  • Provide a pathway to retain independence and quality of life
  • Turn around a diagnosis of osteopenia
  • Choose a natural drug-free pathway
  • Dodge the pain and insidious side-effects of drugs
  • Details dietary changes that strengthen and build bones
  • May successfully replace drugs with natural foods
  • Give a plan to get started
  • Advise exercise techniques to build bone
  • Boost general health and wellness
  • May prevent and reverse other common debilitating diseases
  • Save you money
  • Further  resources listed


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The story of osteoporosis and why important research has been ignored for decades.