Nuala O’Connor


Nuala has a passion for living a successful life. Having come through her own stress-filled experiences, her goal is to help anyone transform their stressed ways of thinking and living to become as successful as they can in all aspects of their lives. And to do this quickly so they all can get on with the important job of living to their greatest potential and having fun while doing this.

She has a unique perspective on how to Tap Into Success drawn from her many qualifications in the field of education and holistic and complementary therapies as well her own personal journey through what she now sees as stress-related illnesses.

Nuala O’Connor has been working in the area of stress management for 20 years. Having experienced times of severe stress herself, she has made it her goal to find ways that really work in reducing and beating stress. Nuala offers a system of tapping that will enable you to break through those negative thinking patterns and thus overcome stress-related illnesses. But it doesn’t stop there. Having the ability to manage and deal with stress more effectively is only one half of what Nuala offers. Nuala firmly believes that we were born successful; we can be successful in all we do. She also offers you the opportunity to retune your thinking so you can become focused on the life you want for yourself and your family. Your life can be healthy, happy, joyful and filled with fun. You can be
as wealthy and successful as you think you can be. Your thoughts can be positive, focused and clear. You can still your mind enabling you to relax and let go.

Nuala uses her own Two Meridian Tapping Protocol along with some extra lifestyle tips that she has found to really bring the energy of success to all areas of life. Remember this book only contains proven practical steps and techniques that will bring you success in all areas of your life

Nuala speaks on this topic to groups in her home country of Ireland as well as one to one and small group appointments. Nuala has recently moved into the area of live online webinars which allows for a unique group participation opportunity. Group webinars can be favourable in that they help to reduce the overall cost for participants and offer the space to listen and learn from the experiences of others. These webinars can be a great way of drawing on Nuala’s expertise and experience. Nuala does also offer one to one online sessions for those who wish to work privately with her.

A Little of Her Own Story

Shortly after her 30th birthday, Nuala became ill. After six months of tests, she was told she had a ‘post-viral illness’. Eventually, Nuala was assessed as having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Nuala could understand that the many traumatic events she experienced as a result of growing up in Northern Ireland, would bring about PTSD. But she found it difficult, as most of us do, to marry her physical illness with these past traumas.

It was from seeking the help of complementary therapy and psychotherapy that Nuala began a journey that would change her life and for the better. One of the techniques that Nuala tried was EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

Nuala shares how EFT literally turned her life around. She tells stories of teaching meditation and stress management classes over the years to realise that when she hit rock bottom, she was unable to employ these techniques. Why? That she can’t answer for sure, but what she can say is that where other therapies and techniques failed, EFT succeeded. Nuala recounts how she had reached a stage where she was having panic attacks. These attacks would happen at any time, in any place and for no real reason. Anytime Nuala tried to meditate, she would have a panic attack. She couldn’t settle her mind or her stress response.

It was then she stumbled across EFT. While she had heard of EFT and at one stage read about it, she didn’t know how effective it could be until she decided to try it for herself. She booked herself on to the Tapping World Summit and within two weeks, her anxiety was absolutely gone. She no longer has panic attacks. In fact, life has become much more positive and successful. Having trained in EFT and matrix reimprinting using EFT, along with many other energy psychology therapies, Nuala works to help others in transforming their lives.

Nuala marries her experience as an educator with her extensive training and knowledge of holistic ways to manage and overcome stress. Nuala firmly believes that she is living proof that anyone can clear limiting subconscious thoughts and beliefs and retune all their mental and physical frequencies to allow them to be successful in all parts of their lives.

For the last couple of years, many of Nuala’s clients have asked her to write a self-help book. This book is exactly that—Tap Into Success: Retune the Mind, Body and Soul to Reach Your Greatest Potential contains information about success and how to reach our greatest potential. There are enough books on stress. We all know what stress does to us. She believes that we get what we focus on, so let’s not waste anymore time focusing on stress. It is NOW time to focus on SUCCESS. Nuala enjoys speaking at public events as well as working with smaller groups. She prides herself on being able to adapt her workshops or talks to meet the needs of her audience. She has also created the website and looks forward to welcoming you to one of her success-filled series of webinars.


We were born to be successful. It is our birthright to be successful, yet most of us seem to struggle with success—our thoughts, beliefs and actions create our success. Around 95% of our thoughts are subconscious: We are not consciously aware of what we are thinking. It is these subconscious thoughts that create our reality. How do we know our dominant thoughts? Check your emotional state and physical state. Negative thinking and physical pain or disease in our bodies are sure signs that we are thinking negative subconscious thoughts and thus not tapping into our truest potential. In Tap Into Success: Retune the Mind, Body and Soul to Reach Your Greatest Potential, you will be given the key to overcoming these thoughts, helping you to unlock your greatest potential.

From her own life experiences, Nuala O’Connor, the author of Tap Into Success, knows how easy it is to lose focus and get overstressed. She has suffered the constant pressure of stress in her life and fallen ill as a result. She knows what it is to sit in front of doctors looking for answers and not get any relief. That was until she turned her focus to more holistic and complementary ways. As a result of many years of searching, she believes she has found the key. She literally could write the book about transforming a stressed life to one full of success. And that is what she has decided to do: Write the book!

Tap Into Success: Retune the Mind, Body and Soul to Reach Your Greatest Potential will offer the reader a simple system and structure for reducing and, in many cases, eliminating stressed thinking, negative beliefs and stress hormones. This book offers opportunities to not only beat stress but to also retune your thoughts, beliefs and feelings so you can reach your greatest potential—success.

Nuala combines the latest science on the brains ability to change (Neuroplasticity), with Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction and Emotional Freedom Techniques (also known as Tapping). Add her own personal and professional experiences around diet, nutrition, lifestyle and exercise and you have an amazing recipe for success. Nuala has taken all her learning and combined it with her experiences. Based on her own needs and the needs of her many clients, she has created a Two Meridian Tapping Protocol and Process that to date has worked for all who have tried it.

Quantum physics tells us that everything has its vibrational energy frequency, including success. Nuala is dedicated to helping everyone to tune their mind, body and soul to this frequency of success as quickly as we can. She believes that our time on this earth is short and we need to enjoy every single minute of it. Nuala offers simple and effective strategies.

Nuala works with children, students, parents, athletes, corporate professionals and just about anyone really! She listens carefully to the need of the person or group and then applies her knowledge, skill and experience in creating the right programme for success. She shares some of her experiences here in this book.

The rich and innovative content of this book is the result of years of study, client work and personal experience. Nuala is committed to offering techniques that work. She wants people to get to where she is today and to get there much quicker than she did.

By reading this small and user friendly book and incorporating the tapping processes and other key advice into your daily life, you the reader can fast-forward to a place of success.

Want to realise your dreams and be happy every second of every day? Then Tap Into Success is for you.

You won’t be disappointed.


  • Neuroscience, Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction and Energy Psychology are leading the way in helping us to change our thoughts which will change how we feel allowing our lives to become geared for success.
  • Negative subconscious beliefs and thoughts are choking your pure potential.
  • All of these thoughts and beliefs have come from unresolved trauma and other influences during childhood normally.
  • To change these subconscious thoughts and beliefs even when you don’t know what they are.
  • To replace this negative thinking with new thoughts, resulting in new positive feelings and belief systems.
  • To clear the many symptoms of stress such as headaches, IBS, sleep deprivation, flu symptoms, constant fatigue and tiredness, a short fuse, fussy thinking, paranoia, anxiety, depression, etc.
  • To reduce the effects that prolonged stress has had on your body, mind and soul so you can become successful in all areas of your life.
  • People who tend to stress you out are your greatest asset in helping you to turn your life around. What you see in others is what you really see in yourself! Learn how to use this way of thinking for your greatest benefit.
  • There are no limits to the possibilities that are waiting for you to explore and experience.
  • You will stand at the foot of your new life with tools to help catapult you into the universe of infinite possibilities and success.
  • A new Two Meridian Tapping Protocol and Process of clearing old ways so you can re-focus your whole life. This protocol and process is literally capable of enabling you to change all limiting thoughts and beliefs that lie deep in your subconscious. Then getting your subconscious to work with your conscious mind for your highest good. Once you have retuned to positive and energised thoughts you will quickly see improved health and wellbeing, and have energy to accomplish just about anything. Now you are free to really focus on what it is you want in life and make it happen.
  • You can become successful in all aspects of your life.


This book offers you an innovative, new and easy process of tapping two meridians at the same time to bring an even greater balance to your vibrational system while also clearing stress. You will learn how to clear limiting and negative thoughts and beliefs that hold you back, make you ill and keep you from being successful. You can practice this process any time, any place, anywhere. You will learn how to use this process to help you focus on the positive. You will feel good about your health and wealth. You will be successful in all aspects of your life

  • Success isn’t for the few; it’s for everyone. Success isn’t limited to the rich and famous—we can all be successful.
  • The Greater Good Science Center, Quantum Physics, The Law of Attraction and Modern Energy Psychology offer proven data that back up the fast-growing popular view that we can change our limiting and negative thoughts to positive and successful thoughts easily and permanently.
  • One of the most popular tools for reducing stress and enabling success is Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT or Tapping). In this book, you will be taught how to use a brand new Two Meridian Tapping Protocol to become success-focused.
  • Once success-focused, you will eradicate the thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back, which in turn will really catapult you into the vibrational frequency of success.
  • When you are truly giving off the frequency of success the universe, through the law of attraction, will match your frequency with success and hey, presto!
  • Become more productive at work and at home. Have more energy to help you get things done quickly and creatively.
  • Clear your mind of thoughts that are holding you back on the sports field or at work. It doesn’t matter what you do—this process can work for you.
  • Almost all illness is stress related. Treating symptoms of illness doesn’t help us get to or deal with the cause. Getting to the cause can ease the symptoms. We can reduce and eliminate stress with the steps in this book.
  • You will learn a brand-new Two Meridian Tapping Protocol and Process of Resolution for clearing stress hormones from your body.
  • Clearing stress is only the beginning of the transformation process. Once cleared, we need to focus on what it is we want to think and feel, rather than allow old habits to return and the stress to build up again.
  • All we have is now—everything else is an illusion. Using the steps in this book will help you to focus on the now rather than always falling into the memories and old scripts of the past.
  • You will also be offered some easy to do and quick habits that can help you to remain in the mindset and energy vibration of success.