Nitikul Solomon, MD, ABIHM, ABOIM


Originally from Thailand, Dr. Solomon obtained pediatric residency training from the University of Florida and pediatric gastroenterology and nutrition at Baylor College of Medicine. She studied multiple modalities of healing, including energy or biofield therapy, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, functional medicine, and holistic medicine in the United States.

Dr. Solomon has been board-certified for over 20 years and have 2 board certifications in holistic medicine. Her Asian background has enhanced her understanding and experience with healthy diet and lifestyle.

Dr. Solomon’s past experiences with chronic illnesses, including allergies, gastroesophageal reflux, and being cancer-scared, had given her firsthand experience and deeper understanding of patients’ perspectives. After changing her diet and transforming her life, Dr. Solomon realized the power of the right food and emerged renewed with a strong passion to assist others to do the same. Learning to listen to her body and helping other patients enables her skills further.

Dissatisfaction with other resources and tools that were not working prompted Dr. Solomon to develop a program called AWE-some program. The program successfully elevates the lives of many families to a new height. This established lasting, holistic, healthy habits resulting from following the powerful AWE-some program is astounding!

Dr. Solomon practices what she preaches and is best known for her youthful energy, compassion, well-rounded clinical skills, nutrition and holistic knowledge, deep wisdom, and creative solutions.

Dr. Solomon has successfully survived multiple devastating chronic conditions and emerged a leader in holistic health and lifestyle specialist with passion, wisdom, and special knowledge to share. Her AWE-some program is based on her knowledge, experiences, and wisdom to elevate and uplift patients to achieve their well-being with ease. AWE-some program has a proven track record to help patients reach their health goals and wellness with outstanding health outcomes and turn-around mentality. These established lasting health habits that are easy to follow and have astounded many are shared here in her book, Project L.O.V.E.: Lifestyle Optimization Victoriously Established.


Modern lifestyle causing health issues, including high stress, low energy, emotional imbalance such as depression, anxiety, losing focus, and excess weight gain, plus health consequences such as autoimmune and fatigue.

Lifestyle optimization to assist your mind and body back to balance using easy mindset technique, environmental knowledge, nutrition, epigenetics, and simple effective strategies to achieve well-being and holistic health habits.

Center for Disease Control (CDC) predicted in 2010 that one in two or more American will be diabetic or prediabetic in the year 2020, and the fact that the statistic has reached in the year 2017 is mind-boggling and downright scary! Dr. Solomon is inspired every day by her work to see the shift in children and their family to wellness and a brighter future.

With the new lifestyle and food productions, we are more than ever exposed to many toxic chemicals and are unaware of the possible consequences of our exposure and behaviors. As a holistic practitioner with knowledge and experiences of varieties of modalities of healing and research coupled with being a patient who had chronic health issues and cancer-scared have helped Dr. Solomon integrate the elements of mind, body and spirit and assist family and children with easy, simple, and practical solutions designed to last a lifetime.

Dr. Solomon had experience as a practitioner and has developed a program that has successfully transformed many lives with compassion and love. Cruising through life gracefully and leaving health legacy that lasts for generations to come is the ultimate freedom that this book can help you reach. The results will enhance and uplift any lives for a lifetime of love and joy. Keep life beautiful!


Achieve optimum health and well-being in harmony with your fun, fit, and fabulous self with even more love via self-nurturing and self-compassion.


Find easy and effortless pathways to health and happiness. Achieve well-being with easy, simple health routines that last for life.

Have a life by design, not by default.

Live the life you love.

Lift the life you love.

Learn longevity and anti-aging tips. Love the life you own.

  • Appreciate and be grateful for the importance of food and food source.
  • Leverage your lifestyle to be fun, fit, and fabulous.
  • Learn the connection between happiness, emotional well-being, and health.
  • Understand the wisdom of your body.
  • Learn about the environment.
  • Obtain insights into proven outcome researches of mindset possibilities related to health.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge to improve health outcomes.
  • Raise awareness of gut microbes/bacteria and your health.
  • Realize different and even unexpected manifestations of allergies.
  • Learn longevity and anti-aging strategy.
  • Increase meaningful choices for conscious living.
  • Discern with conscious choices via self-compassion.
  • Get tools for transformation into holistic healthy habits.
  • Discover new ideas to live your best life and recipes provided to help.
  • Lead your health legacy for generations to come.
  • Take charge and own your life.
  • Live a life by design, not by default.