Nidthia Chelvam & Lai Khuan Choo


Nidthia Chelvam helps multi-national companies and family owned businesses turn their strategies into results. The former Managing Consultant for a global firm spent almost two decades across 3 continents in a variety of industries and roles that continue to give him new insights into old problems. This Research Leader for Fortune Indonesia’s Most Admired Companies of 2011 and 2013 now leads a premier shared-services company as its President Director and CEO. A Chartered Financial Management Analyst (CFMA) and Lean Six Sigma Master/Black Belt (MBB), Nidthia is a prolific writer with many whitepapers, and columns in Forbes Indonesia and The President Post to his credit. Resident in Jakarta, Indonesia since 2010, Nidthia is an automotive enthusiast who enjoys speaking at conferences across the region and teaching scuba diving in his free time.

Lai Khuan, Choo continues to transform global organizations through people strategies. With three decades in a wide range of industries from Retail, Hospitality and Professional Services to Media and Banking, she enjoys the wisdom of the sages, having been there and seen it all. This Chief People Officer of a public-listed company in the energy sector spent from 2011 to 2013 shifting the paradigms of one of Indonesia’s oldest family conglomerates. Lai Khuan who holds a Bachelor of Economics with Honours from University of Malaya, is an Assessor for Thomas International’s DISC profiling tool and a Certified Professional Coach. Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Lai Khuan is an avid traveler who aspires to see a new part of the world each year.


One of the fastest growing markets in the world, Indonesia has arrived at the worlds’ stage. This archipelago of more than 17,000 islands presents unique challenges from government bureaucracy and corruption to leadership and talent shortages. Boasting over 200 ethnicities, and among Asia’s most vibrant middle-class, this is a thriving market that organizations cannot afford to not be in. Challenging the most capable CEOs, this frontier does have its share of conquerors. Learn how the best CEOs of local conglomerates and foreign multi-nationals have triumphed – successfully navigating this thriving market. To them, winning in Indonesia has brought tremendous rewards, but not without their fair share of angst. In these pages you will uncover the 8 realities…

  • Reality #1: Government Relationships
  • Reality #2: Corruption
  • Reality #3: Talent Shortage
  • Reality #4: Strategy
  • Reality #5: Leadership
  • Reality #6: Organization Design
  • Reality #7: Rewards & Benefits
  • Reality #8: Employee Development

“For leaders,aspiring leaders and those who work for them – a great how-to manual for doing business in Indonesia and succeeding.” – Justin Doebele, Chief Editorial Advisor of Forbes Indonesia

“Don’t argue for other people’s weaknesses.We empower what’s out there to control us. Admit it. After reading Indonesia Roadmap you have no more excuses!” – Rachmat Wirasena Suryo , CEO & Editor In Chief of The President Post

“This book is an inspiration – understanding the culture and adapting to the system is just what we need in this thriving market.” – Eddie Chin, President Director & CEO of Bayan Resources