Nicole Davidson


“Don’t kill the goose that lays the golden egg!” Nicole Davidson came across this statement in Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People over twenty-five years ago, and it is the crux of why she does what she does today.

As a business owner specialising in business and life coaching, Nicole works with all types of businesses and their teams to help them integrate business and life into a functional, synergistic balance. Having transitioned from employee to business owner herself, Nicole has experienced first-hand the challenges involved in building a successful business while maintaining what’s important in all other areas of her life.

As people of influence in society as well as in our personal lives, business owners must go beyond just surviving and learn to truly thrive. Each has the capacity to make a significant positive impact on the world in terms of relationships, both internal and external to the business, as well as the economy. Nicole believes we can create the conditions to be successful in business and in life, and supporting each individual to live life purposefully is the key that will allow them to thrive.

Nicole has had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people from diverse cultures and walks of life. In her previous career in international education, she experienced the joys and challenges that come with living and working in countries such as Singapore, Sri Lanka, The People’s Republic of China, New Zealand, and Azerbaijan.

Over a fifteen-year period of teaching and leading in these international environments, Nicole gained significant insights into what motivates people in work and in life, our deepest desires as human beings, and the challenges we all face when it comes to focusing on what’s important to us. Her experiences also led Nicole to develop a true appreciation of the boundless human potential we all possess and a realization that people share a common desire to feel inspired and live lives filled with purpose and meaning. Nicole believes this is something we truly need to cultivate in our society, for it will have an immense impact on individuals and society at large.

While walking the Camino de Santiago across northern Spain in July of 2009, Nicole came to understand the impact of the busyness many of us create in our lives, stress and mayhem and obligations that can quickly draw us away from that which is truly meaningful. During this 700-kilometre, 28-day journey, Nicole was able to identify what that meant for her in her life, and she made the decision to choose a different path. No longer content to experience success and fulfilment in only some areas of her life, Nicole made a commitment to “have it all,” and she decided she would do whatever it would take to discover what that looked like for her. In the words of Stephen Covey, she “found her voice” and is now inspiring others to find theirs.

Nicole believes the definitions of success and fulfilment are very personal and unique to each individual. Our power comes from deciding what these look and feel like for us.


Why did you decide to start your business? Was it to live your passion? To have greater control over your life? To increase your earning capacity? To leave a legacy? Perhaps the reality of owning a business is somewhat different than what you imagined it would be. Many business owners are so busy working in the business they have no time to work on the business, and the lifestyle they originally desired remains but a dream. Juggling the demands of business, family, relationships, and finances while maintaining the good health we need to live a full life can oftentimes seem an impossibility. In our efforts to please many and just get through the day, we often lose sight of who we are and what’s important to us.

There is a way to create a life in which you can successfully navigate these challenges. It is possible to live a life in which you feel satisfied, energised, happy, and fulfilled. In How To Put The Balance In Your Business, you will learn useful strategies to discover what success and fulfilment mean to you. You will discover a powerful system that will give you the skills to focus on your priorities, satisfy your needs, and set powerful goals. These tools will help you find focus and clarity so you can create the life you’ve always dreamt of.

Learn How…

Having clarity about what’s truly important to you will allow you to lay the foundation to create a life you love living.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • How to live a life of authenticity and purpose.
  • How to connect to your highest priorities.
  • The significance of your relationship with you.
  • The mind-set you need to create a life you love living.
  • What healthy boundaries are and how they impact your life.
  • How to create a work-life balance that works for you.
  • Ways to minimise stress and overwhelm.
  • Why people-centred workplaces are the way of the future and the significant benefits of these to your business.
  • Strategies to maintain your clarity and focus.
  • Tools to design a life you love living.

If you apply the tools and information found in this book, you can improve all aspects of your life and feel truly fulfilled, perhaps for the first time.

  • Identify what “having it all” means to you.
  • The most important relationship you’ll ever have.
  • Tools to help you identify your purpose and work to your strengths.
  • The most precious resource in your business.
  • The power of clarity.
  • The keys to integrating business and life.
  • How to manage stress effectively.
  • How to create a thriving workplace culture.
  • The importance and power of renewal.
  • A step-by-step action plan to design a life you love living.

“This book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to experience success and fulfillment in all areas of their lives.“– Dr. José Cross, author of Business Is Booming

“Anyone who ever wanted to be able to navigate life confidently can benefit from the down-to-earth knowledge in this book“– Shirley Anthony, author of The New Entrepreneur

“The information in this book just works. I knew there should be an easy way to integrate life and business effectively and this is it.“Sindi Zilwa, author of The Ace Model

“So many people fail to do the things that make them feel alive on a daily basis. Reading this book will help anyone design a life they love living.“Tsitsi Musasike, author of Moneynomics

“Engagement is the buzzword in business these days, and “How To Put The Balance In Your Business” throws light on how to effectively create a thriving workplace in which people feel energized and inspired.” Angela Tanger,
author of Marketing Health & Wellness Her Way