Nandu More


Nandu More is an author, speaker, coach, and a senior corporate leader with over 25 years of experience in customer service, relationship & loyalty management, sales, IT, and training & development and has worked in varied industries including Telecom, Information Technology, Entertainment (Satellite & IP TV), and office automation. This diverse and firsthand experience has given him insights into challenges faced in achieving profitability and leadership while balancing the people aspect. He shares possible solutions to problems from his own learning and those from many others in a practical and entertaining way.

Having come from a poor family, he was determined to succeed in spite of all odds. after completing his Electrical Engineering from VJTI, Matunga, Mumbai, he started his career as a customer service engineer and moved up quickly as regional Service operations Manager and never looked back. Since then, he has been handling senior leadership roles in large and multinational organisations. Currently, Nandu works as Director of Delivery and operations for one of the top five IT companies in the world.

He is what Gallup’s Strength Finder 2.0 refers to as a “maximizer,” someone who likes to take things that are good and make them even better. Nandu More is passionate about people and service and wants to work on two key areas: “helping organisations to build loyalty with customers, employees, and partners,” and “helping individuals achieve their goals and become successful.” Through this book, he shares his core belief that “it’s never about your business; it’s always about the people you serve – your customers, employees, and partners.” – Nandu More


• Have you ever wondered why some organisations thrive and grow in spite of all odds and severe economic conditions, while others struggle?
• Have you noticed that customers are willing to pay more and stand in a queue to buy a particular product or service?
• Have you experienced the power of people as the “best and most credible” advertisers compared to any other marketing campaign in the world?
• Did you realize that some people and organisations help bring out the best in you?
• Do you want to know how to create a true differentiator for yourself and your company, and become “best-in-class”?


Learn how to create a great culture that attracts and retains good customers, employees, and partners by moving away from traditional command and control methods to a more enabling, empowering, and partnership approach. This book provides you step-by-step guide with best practices implemented by the most successful businesses across the world.


10 powerful steps for creating long-term financial success, a strong brand, and the leadership in marketplace.

• Learn to create profitability and leadership
• Develop a deeper understanding of CorE purpose for your business
• understand your current culture and how to move towards a desired culture
• Find out how to create a learning organisation that remains at the forefront of your industry
• Find out how to create an organisational structure that empowers people who are closer to value zones
• Discover the key role played by Information Technology to innovate and support products and services, delivering true value to your customers
• Learn who are your real customers and discover how to create the right service design to serve them better
• Find out how to listen to your customers, employees, and partners, and to understand what they are saying and what they really mean
• Find out how to empower people to innovate new business models, products, and services to meet ever-increasing customer demands
• Learn how to set the right goals and create systems and processes to measure the right outcomes