Nancy Lehoux


Nancy Lehoux is an influential leader in the field of personal and professional development. For the past fifteen years, she has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, and collaborators all over the country, helping them to transform their lives through her results-oriented strategic coaching method.

As owner of several companies, Nancy understands the difficulties and challenges her clients face. Through her seminars, online videos, webinars, products, individual and group coaching programs, she helps her clients discover innovative, easy, resourceful ways to lead with wisdom, power, and integrity.

Nancy’s remarkable life achievements span over three decades. She credits her dedication, her unrelenting commitment, and her discipline to her own personal journey. She is a serious seeker who has deeply immersed herself in self-development practices and study from the age of 18. She has spent many years learning from and closely studying the materials of hundreds of the most renowned self-development masters of our time. It is on the foundation of this profound inner wisdom that she offers her life-changing book: Breaking Limiting Patterns – How to Bring Yourself to New Heights.


Have you ever felt like you’ve done everything you can to resolve an issue in your life, yet you still see the same unsatisfying results, if any results at all? How about that New Year’s resolution you made last year? Have you achieved it or done anything to work toward it? How do you react when something doesn’t go the way you want? Is there something you know you need to change but haven’t had any success in doing that? How about the feeling that whatever you do won’t be good enough? Maybe you’ve been thinking that way for years, but the truth is that your mind is where you will find your greatest potential to help you be who we want to be. Unfortunately, because we don’t know how to use the power of our minds, we just live with a multitude of patterns that have been programmed over the years by everything we’ve seen, heard, and experienced. Imagine having the ability to unleash the power of your mind, bring yourself to a high level by Breaking Limiting Patterns that do not serve you. Now, let me show you how!

Human beings are creatures of habit, but too many of the patterns we develop over the years stop us from being all we can be. These limiting patterns prevent us from trying new things, being promoted, earning more money, expressing ourselves with confidence, reaching our potential, or meeting our goals. They might make us fearful, anxious, stressed, frustrated, or a variety of other negative states that stifle our ability to feel good about ourselves.

How do we interrupt these crippling limiting patterns?

Well, the first and most important thing is to recognize them! Most people live their lives completely unaware of what is creating their unhappiness, generating unsatisfactory results, if any at all. Breaking Limiting Patterns discusses the most common limiting patterns people heap upon themselves and provides the strategies to release and replace them with those habits that will really serve us.

The more you understand about what stops you from taking action, moving forward, and being yourself, the more control you’ll have over your own life. Fear is hardwired into our lives, but when we learn how to use fear to our advantage, then we will find the drive to move forward. Not only that, but you can strengthen your positive impact on others by mastering positive communication patterns.


  • Recognize the patterns that have a negative impact on your life and the lives of those around you.
  • Break through the fear of rejection, of being judged, of failure, and of the unknown.
  • Associate past experiences with a different, more positive meaning, even if you’ve always perceived them as bad or negative.
  • Use thinking patterns that will help you attract whatever you want in life.
  • Use words and language that empower you and others.
  • Take control of your emotional state, even in tough times.
  • Create empowering habits that will become automatic patterns for a better life, career, and relationships.


Face the truth. Release the pain. Gain control of your life. Bring yourself to the next level.

  • Build your self-confidence.
  • Raise your self-esteem.
  • Eliminate your fears.
  • Decrease your stress level.
  • Stop destructive behaviors.
  • Finally reach your goals.
  • Eliminate procrastination.
  • Speak with assertiveness.
  • Deal effectively with difficult situations.
  • Positively influence people.
  • Communicate in a non-offensive way.
  • Build successful relationships.
  • Resist negative impulses.
  • Cope effectively with stressful situations.
  • Learn to speak positively to your child even when his/her behaviour is poor.