Nancy Hamity


At 50, Nancy Hamity discovered a new life purpose. Her predetermined life had reached its end, and a strong inner call set her course down an entirely new road. She is the CEO of I C Training Solutions, Ltd where she offers professional training and coaching. She uses her driving skills to teach others how to shift their personal and professional lives into gear.


If you drive through your life without knowing your full potential, you will have a difficult and confusing journey. You may find yourself stuck in situations, not knowing which direction to turn for solutions. When you accept that life is composed of both ups and downs—shortcuts and dead ends—and recognize that you, in fact, have the roadmap inside you, then you can balance your life according to your circumstances.

Finding the proper vehicle for the terrain is not the only thing to consider; ability and talent complete your journey. Selecting the appropriate gears for the right conditions gets you where you need to go. With the courage to pursue competency, you’ll have the power to drive your life with inspiration and mastery.

Learn How . . .

Identifying the correct gear for every path in your life makes for easier drive. The Next Gear will explain a few points to be followed, allowing you to succeed when reaching for personal mastery.

The Next Gear is aimed to all of those who understand that there are no victims in life; we are the authors of our own destiny. It is our task to find out how are we going to achieve our goals once we can list them.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

The Next Gear offers keys to open closed doors to your personal growth and career development. By identifying challenges in your daily routine, you will better learn to play the game of life with a winner vehicle.

Fast action and the correct gear choice with efficiency and professionalism will guarantee your success, which is not financial status. It is knowing that your contribution in life can be noticed and valued

  • Analogy between your Career Path and Being the Driver.
  • Analyse and discover your life gaps – Choose your vehicle.
  • Dream big and define your life purpose – Get in, and switch it on.
  • Learn, observe, and absorb in order to grow – Feel, check, and act.
  • Develop your own personality, while acknowledging your natural talents – Choose your next gear.
  • Your natural talents are stepping stones in your mission – Be alert to change.
  • Constantly visualize your mission – Be wise and lead others.
  • Evaluate, redesign, and apply again – Go and/or stop + plan.
  • Be your own leader by connecting your inner and outer worlds – Reposition yourself.
  • Live with your Soul and you will achieve your Goal and Mission – Excel in your next gear!
  • Arrive alive.