Mike Hanna


Mike grew up in The Big Easy (New Orleans) and learned how to make it in The Big Apple (New York City). Developing an unusual penchant for numbers from an early age (and not knowing how to pay any bills with his philosophy degree), Mike took to wealth management quite naturally. He now spends his time imparting the knowledge from his almost two decades of industry experience to his clients who want to build their own financial freedom.

From the moment he entered the industry, Mike’s leadership has been defined by being a driven student of the business. He is a graduate of New York University and the Stern School of Business at NYU. To name a few of his credentials: he is a Certified Financial Planner, a Retirement Income Certified Professional and an Accredited Estate Planner. A consistent leader in his practice, he is also an active member of various financial organizations such as the Society of Financial Services Professionals, The Financial Planning Association, The New York City Estate Planning Council and the prestigious Million Dollar Round Table, an organization of the top 5% of financial professionals in the country.

Mike’s passion for wealth management stems from seeing the restrictions many people have in life because of their financial inflexibility. He knows it doesn’t have to be that way for most and has dedicated his life’s work to helping people carve out a better financial way forward, one free of uncertainty and financial worry. Mike’s clients praise him for his clarity, humor and ability to make seemingly complex financial concepts easily intelligible – sometimes by even drawing buckets and stick figures to explain wealth management. Their mutual goals are to create a life of financial abundance, certainty and absolute freedom.


This book is written to help people secure their financial freedom, to avoid the inflexibility and chains of insufficient funds and to retain the financial wherewithal to be their best selves, free from worry, constraint and confusion. This is a practical approach to harness your resources in a systematic way to ensure financial comfort, clarity and independence.


You can finally break the cycle of dead end finances, worrying about job security, retirement, education and financial livelihood. You will see the power of controlling your financial destiny, one simple step at a time. This is a powerful system for anyone who wants to secure their financial future and never worry about money again.


Save your money so that it can save you.Readers will learn to:

• Learn how to recognize the power of the brain and identify how it ‘stretches’.
Reframe the way they think about money,  and remove any fear around the subject.
• Budget, so that they can create the first ingredient to a secure financial future: a secure savings capacity.
• How to allocate funds to different timeframes of life,so that they can know that their money is growing into  a giving tree while they are working and paying their bills.
• They will learn to separate funds into now money, later money, and much later money.
• How to wield the double-edged sword of compound interest, to understand the difference between debt and equity, and how they can serve and hurt you.
• The time value  of money FV=x(1+r)^n. How to manage each component of this equation successfully.
• Understanding the difference between  debt and equity, how they can serve and hurt you.
• How to manage the impact of  inflation and taxes. Aside from yourself, these are the only two material opponents to wealth accumulation.
• How to create certainty in  passive cash flows, guaranteed growth, free from market volatility and tax law changes.
• How  to create a legacy for loved ones and generations to come.