Mike Cantrell


Mike Cantrell is an entrepreneur, oil and gas industry leader, political strategist, government affairs consultant, speaker, writer, and extreme lover of life. In his successful 45 years in business, public affairs, and parenting, he has experienced firsthand and applied the principles that lead to an exciting, fulfilling, successful life. In his book ADVANCE, he illustrates business and life success principles with colorful, real-life stories that span four decades. He currently resides in Ada, Oklahoma and Dallas, Texas, and wherever his Harley Davidson motorcycle takes him.

Almost everyone wants to be successful, which is why there are thousands of how-to books out there about making money. ADVANCE does teach about financial success, but it will also help you bring your success to the next level. Written from the perspective of an author with 45 years of experience in the business and public affairs arena, this resource highlights every principle of success, with personal examples that give life to these lessons. Break out of the cycle of simply receiving reports and feedback about what’s happening to you. Discover creative solutions, stop bad policies, and instigate better ones. Learn the power of out-of-the-box, aggressive action that will add to your bottom line instead of letting public policy simply drain your resources. Learn to marshal the resources to help you achieve positive results that you’ve never thought possible.


Break the cycle of failure, frustration, and inertia and unleash the power of applying the principles of advancement. Use this simple but powerful guide to help you find your own path and meaning in life as you travel the road to your full potential, not only financially but also as a human being.


Many books are written from the perspective of someone who thinks they know how to advance your life, but most of these are simple regurgitations of advice someone else has written. In ADVANCE, businessman, entrepreneur, oilman, and consultant Mike Cantrell provides real-world examples from the perspective of 45 years of success in the business and public arena. He does not just talk the talk; he shares the walk he’s walked! Through this simple but detailed and sometimes provocative account of a successful life, you will learn the principles needed to ADVANCE your own life to achieve the success and fulfillment you desire.

  • Knowing who you are at your core provides a foundation for success in every arena.
  • Successful entrepreneurs have one thing in common: unwavering confidence in themselves and their mission.
  • You don’t have to own your own business to be successful.
  • Brands are not solely the domain of products; we all have our own individual brands.
  • There is no other more important role in life than parenting.
  • A well-balanced, successful life requires that we find ways to be of service to others.
  • Living in a free society, there is no greater opportunity or responsibility than engaging in the political arena to achieve your goals both personally and professionally.
  • Leadership is a key ingredient to success in any walk of life

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