Michael Wallace


Are you a team leader, who wakes up excited in the morning, passionate about your work and energized to start your day,
until you get to work and fnd that your team is disengaged?

You feel frustrated because they are not in the same state of mind or same pace as you. They are just not as passionate or as motivated as you are.

Michael Wallace is the President of Fascinnovation Inc., providing strategies and people skills for progressive organizations. He is also a highly effective speaker, facilitator and author of the upcoming book Motorcycle Metaphor: Leadership Lessons for the Progressive Organization.

Michael has consulted for and spoken to some of the largest organizations, including: Pratt & Whitney, Novartis, Valeant, CN Rail, Phillips and many more.

Michael’s progressive leadership, communication and consulting help his customers achieve business objectives through interactive and experiential programs. He brings teams and leaders together to improve the effectiveness of their groups.

Michael believes, frst, success is a great motivator. Second, success can’t be taught. Third, success needs to be experienced. Combining 20 years of leadership experience and motorcycling, he provides unique tools and perspectives to unlock the potential of teams and leaders.

Michael lives in Montreal, Canada where he spends his time connecting with his teenage daughters, enjoying the Laurentian Ski Hills and taking in long winding roads on his Harley Davidson. He is a graduate of the University of New Brunswick, a certifed coach with the Coaches Training Institute, and is fully bilingual in English and French.

You get up in the morning with your engine fred up. Your feet hit the floor, and things start happening. You have drive and purpose that keeps you excited. When you get to the offce and look at your team around you, you don’t see that same drive, that same passion. Your team doesn’t have that same engagement that you feel.

Employee engagement is the leading driver of productivity and retention issues in organizations today. As a leader, you have a direct impact on how engaged your teams are.

Through the unique perspective of the motorcycle metaphor, the author takes you on a journey of discovering your leadership and how you can impact people around you. You will learn what gets in the way of engaging teams and specifcally, what you can do to impact the situations positively. You will learn how to create an environment of success for your team to experience and work through diffcult situations with your group and individuals.

The journey starts with understanding what drives you and connecting your team to that same drive. You will discover how to attract your tribe of people and build the support you need to be successful as a leader in today’s environment.

Leading and engaging employees takes more than team building exercises and speeches from the podium. It takes leaders who connect to what is important to them and their teams. Great leaders set the direction and lead by example while at the same time looking behind them to ensure their people are always with them.

Develop yourself into a high impact leader where your team connects to your drive.


  • How to understand your impact on others and how to leverage it.
  • How to connect to your drive and passion in order to bring your team closer to you.
  • The power of tapping into your vulnerability to inspire your teams.
  • How to effectively ask for help in any situation.
  • How to take risks at the right time to set you apart and attract the people you want in your organization.
  • How coaching can unlock the potential and drive of your people.
  • How effective feedback points your future leaders where they need to grow.
  • How to create an environment where your people will experience success.