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Mike Reinhardt is an engineer, educator, speaker, mentor, and author. His education in technology started at a young age. His father was one of the first generation of programmers, and brought home an apple computer when Mike was very young. He was introduced to programming at 9-years-old; in 1980 that was actually unusual. Mike has always had an inquisitive nature and sought to understand how things work. He applied this nature to programming and was soon writing all kinds of little programs, mostly just for fun.

After graduating high school and community college with a business degree, he resumed his training as a programmer at the university level. Mike graduated at the top of his class with a degree in computer engineering and minors in physics and mathematics. During the summers he worked as a developer at Microsoft on contract.

Post-graduation, Mike took a position at Microsoft full-time and spent the next 15 years in the high tech industry. He has worked as a technician, test engineer, developer, and manager. He has always displayed a passion for doing things intelligently, and a frustration in systems that just did not make sense. His professional career was not immune to this curiosity. Mike was never shy when he thought that talented people were wasting their abilities. When he saw people spinning their wheels and accomplishing little, he spoke up. He was also critical of the wasteful discarding of people because they didn’t fit into the mold. As a manager, he worked hard to leverage people to their fullest potential and help guide them to achieving their goals.

Over his career, Mike has had firsthand experience with many techniques that were effective and many that were not. He has always worked to apply those that were successful and tweak or abandon those that weren’t. This has made him a successful engineer and manager. He hopes that by teaching others his path to success, all of us can have a better experience with technology. It is his hope that you can avoid some of his frustrations and benefit from his experience. In his first book, Inside the Tech Interview, he covers how to get and keep the job you desire. Keep your eyes open for more to come.


Even for people that who have been working in the software industry, tech interviews can be intimidating and extremely challenging. The skills you learn in college and on the job don’t always line up with the skills you need to interview successfully. The good news is that most tech interviews follow the same pattern. My book provides well-established techniques for navigating through tech interviews. Training and practice will lead to success.

Learn How To . . .

Whether you are straight out of college, have not been interviewing for a while, or are just dreading an interview loop this book can help. Learn proven methods to stay confident and succeed at high tech software interviews. I will teach you my method for staying calm and methodically taking apart the interview. Learn to turn the interview process into a fun game and never be afraid of one again. Learn the perspective of hiring managers, so you can see what it’s like on the other side of the desk, and know they are pretty much just like you.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover . . .

Tips and tricks for how to shine in a tech interview. Let your engineering talents be fully recognized. Avoid getting stuck or intimidated and show what value you can bring to an organization.


  • Learn exactly how to decide whether this is the right job for you
  • Find out how to prepare for your high tech interview
  • Demonstrate your value to any organization
  • Staying Connected by Tracy S. Reinhardt-Nelson, Psy.D. Licensed Psychologist
  • Find out what’s inside the tech interview
  • Discover a system for solving algorithms (with examples)
  • Learn how to keep a good attitude when things don’t go well
  • Find out how to keep (and excel at) the job once you have it
  • Learn what motivates hiring managers
  • Some advice for interviewers
  • Special bonus: Tarah Wheeler Van Vlack (CEO of Fizzmint, an HR automation company) tells the story of women in tech

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