Michael Ferguson was born in Great Falls, Montana and has lived in Colorado Springs, Colorado almost exclusively since the age of 5. Michael grew up taking road trips with his family throughout the Rocky Mountain and Midwest areas of the United States. As a high school student, he studied German and had his first opportunity to visit four German-speaking countries during a two-week excursion between his sophomore and junior years. After graduation, Michael visited the U.S. East Coast for the first time, to participate in a four-week marine zoology course in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Michael continued to study German at Colorado College, as well as a semester spent in Lüneburg, Germany, where he lived with a German family for several months. That opportunity opened his eyes to the amazing feeling of experiencing a different culture firsthand, which inspired him to undergo future travels. After his semester in Germany, Michael traveled alone for several weeks throughout Europe, visiting Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom, and France.

After earning his master’s degree in physics, having double-majored in physics and German, Michael entered the workforce as a technician in the microchip manufacturing industry. A few years later, his career carried him into a position as a systems engineer in the aerospace industry, where he has worked for over twenty years.

Michael currently lives in Colorado Springs with his wife, Terrie, and his niece, Megan. He still travels often, trotting the globe for both work and pleasure, extensively around North America and Europe. In July of 2015, Michael added Africa to his journeys, as he traveled with Terrie and Megan to Tanzania, where they enjoyed a safari. One of the highlights for Michael was trekking to the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

As well as being an avid, lifelong traveler who loves to explore and experience diverse cultures and destinations, Michael is also an accomplished musician who enjoys playing guitar, drums, and piano. The author’s other interests include history (especially aerospace), numismatics, cult movies, and television.


Wouldn’t you rather be a traveler than just a tourist? Do you dread encountering crowds of people when you travel to popular destinations? How would you feel if you could actually relax and enjoy yourself in a quiet, serene environment when you go on trips, whether alone or with your friends and family?

Now is the time for you to take charge of your travel experience. This book will help you plan your travel more effectively, so you can experience relaxation and peace of mind, while minimizing exposure to lines, crowds, and noise.


  • Decode common traveler behavior and habits to realize stress-free travel.
  • Select lesser-known but wonderful destinations.
  • Schedule your activities at the most popular locations and avoid the largest crowds.
  • Minimize air travel stress and determine when it makes more sense NOT to fly.
  • Choose lodging that will enhance your relaxation.
  • Handle travel situations where things don’t go as expected.


Experience the freedom to travel NOW! Realize that you don’t always have to be where the crowds are. You really can do it differently and actually relax on your vacation, whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, by yourself or with others. This is Travel Your Way™!

Putting a little extra effort into planning your trip will eliminate much of the stress associated with throngs of tourists that many travelers dread. The book is the ultimate go-to guide to achieve your ideal travel experience.

You really can discover the true freedom of a real vacation, as a traveler in control of his or her destiny rather than a tourist who allows everyone and everything else to control you. With a little extra planning, you will discover what it is like to have a popular destination mostly to yourself or even find those secret hidden destinations you can claim as your own.

  • Learn how a little more planning can go a long way to an even more enjoyable travel experience.
  • Visit and explore the secret corners of the world.
  • Discover the joy and freedom of a road trip, and realize that getting there really can be half the fun!
  • Go native when selecting a place to stay at your destination.
  • Unravel the secrets to minimizing the stress of air travel.
  • Use the Pre-Trip Checklist to ensure all necessary items are addressed before you go so you’ll reduce stress during your trip.
  • Use the What to Bring Checklist to help you pack more efficiently.
  • Includes a quick-reference, comprehensive list of all travel services, resources, and destinations included in the book.
  • In the bonus chapter, learn how the author has successfully applied the travel tips in the book on real trips.