Michael and Brenda Sanchez


Authors Michael and Brenda Sanchez have over 60 years of combined experience in government service. They have trained and briefed both civilian and military organizations, including senior-level leaders. They are business owners who have studied the importance of understanding how paradigms and relationships play a key role in the success of an individual’s personal and professional life. They are passionate about mentoring business owners on how to implement the fundamentals, principles, philosophies and strategies that create an environment that foster success in a competitive marketplace. They have successfully presented the material contained in their book in Relationship Marketing Seminars to the delight of many business owners. They consult business owners daily about how building relationships is today’s social currency, which creates an environment of mutual respect and trust, which inspires loyal customers and generates referrals. Michael and Brenda are contributing authors of articles to a monthly publication with thousands of readers. Relationships are Life’s Real Currency!


Success leaves clues. Everyone gets stuck in a rut, businesses included. It’s been said that the only difference between a rut and a grave are the dimensions. Don’t get caught in a rut and let pre-suppositions, biases, antiquated ideas, and philosophies kill your business. Using the information in Life’s Real Currency will get you out of a rut and on a path to success.


Maintain your current clients, generate more referrals and make more money.


  • Learn the strategies & principles needed to retain your clients and generate more referrals.
  • Learn the importance of nurturing relationships in your life and business.
  • Learn about a unique follow-up system designed to conveniently nurture those important relationships.
  • Learn how you can implement a relatively inexpensive marketing program as a way to stay in touch & follow-up with customers.
  • Learn how to take your business to the next level by applying the strategy and philosophy of relationship marketing to your current marketing plan.
  • Learn why brand recognition is important and how you can successfully build your brand.
  • Learn the endless possibilities that relationship marketing can provide to your strategic business model to bring you further success while strengthening the core of your business.