Mehjabeen Abidi


Mehjabeen Abidi began her most-admired career as a Life Coach after leaving her dream job as a CFIA Inspector. She currently facilitates women to establish financial independence and freedom. She has a soft spot for the younger female generation, coaching them to become in tune with their inner and outer energies. She graduated from Ryerson University with a Bachelors of Applied Science, specializing in Public Health and Safety. She is a young entrepreneur, mother of six beautiful children, and currently lives in Canada.

For many years, Mehjabeen has been a writer for various organizations and columns. She provides her readers with insights, knowledge, guidance, and solutions for living an abundant and joyous lifestyle. Currently writing for two online publications, she is also a poet for the youthful audience. Possessing a keen interest in holistic practices, she has developed a divine love for pure grade essential oils. She incorporates these oils in her coaching for the elite sessions.

Mehjabeen speaks both from the heart, and from her personal experience. Raised in the West with a strong Eastern home culture, homeschooling her children in two countries, and being mentored by coaches from around the globe, she gives her insights to approaches and techniques best suited for her clients. Mehjabeen has become a prime model for women who require the support to progress on an unconventional path towards their goals and fulfilling their purpose on earth.

Future books in her Let’s Chat series include: “Nurturing Divine Children” by Mehjabeen Abidi

“Kitchens Are Made For Boys Too” ~ To be authored by her eldest son


We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So why is it that some women accomplish more than others. Not only do they accomplish more, they’re able to do it “stress-FREE”. Is it because they actually are Super Women? Or is it because they have taken the time to not only understand the ‘WHY’ – they have developed and applied the skill set enabling them to recognize the success boulders in their life, and break them down into pebbles?

Some women work several careers, wear many hats, or are juggling numerous tasks, yet still they are able to relax, meditate, and enjoy inner tranquility. Sounds like bliss, right? Here’s the secret… These women KNOW the feminine empowering solutions for transforming the stressors in their lives, and every single day, they are – BRINGING ORDER TO CHAOS. Learn How YOU CAN finally break that cycle of feeling under accomplished and over stressed in your life and become connected with resolutions to your most common stressors.

In these pages you will discover an empowering system that will give you the solutions to what Mehjabeen Abidi has identified as – ‘Success Chaos’!

  • How to define your ‘thought’ blueprint and make it work for you
  • How to recognize and give your attitude positive, feminine direction
  • How to create realistic goals and soar towards them
  • How to use creative techniques to handle procrastination
  • Learn the art of time efficiency and flow
  • How to apply empowering approaches to nurture stress
  • Outline a Money Legacy and awaken to Money Energy
  • Develop the strength to test the boundary fence pitched around you
  • How to melodiously dance on the communication stage
  • How to accept commitments with people and learn to nurture those ties
  • Be receptive and surrender to the flow of feminine energy inside and around you so that you may stay grounded

“Inspiring! Any woman who reads this book will be at peace with their self and know exactly what skills to use and how to use them.” – Nicole Normand,  Author of Why Not You?

“Chaos. Clutter? Confusion! Contact Mehjabeen!” – Eva-Maria Muller, Author of GELDSORGEN ADE!

“A “must have” book for your home. Share this valuable gift with every woman you love: simple and gratifying
solutions for your daily stressors that you thought were unsolvable.”
– Marybeth Haines, Author of The Power of Pets