Meagan DePaulo


Meagan DePaulo, a native New Yorker, is a certified Massage Therapist (CMT), Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 200, & YACEP provider. She has been a yoga practitioner over 17 years and instructing for over a decade. She has studied and been certified in various styles of yoga that include Yin, Vinyasa, Hatha, Hot yoga, Yoga Sculpt, Prenatal and Postnatal yoga, as well as Kids yoga. She has lead over 5,000 hours of Yoga Teacher Trainings over the last 10 years. She has been privy to have taken many trainings and attended motivational workshops that have influenced her style of teaching and evolved the way she holds space in her class for her students and clients. Meagan recently authored her first Yin Yoga teacher training manual and has been exploring leading new adventures in her yoga career. She currently works as a Director of Yoga Development with a new startup yoga company, Vibeflow yoga located in Del Mar, California.

On her free time, she enjoys Midcentury modern architecture, spending time with her son and husband, devoted to her church C3, and serves as a Connect Leader to young families and couples. She loves to walk her dog Izzy, hike and take extreme HIIT classes at Orange Theory Fitness.


We all strive to gain balance in our daily lives. With the demanding lifestyle of a busy entrepreneur, life can get hectic. Loss of time, limited focus or a lapse in accountability can take its toll on your health, relationships and your purpose. Have you ever considered what it takes to get to the next level but need help getting there? Do you even know what areas in your life need revamping?

If you are ready to stop squandering away your health, relationships and time, this book is for you. You will gain tools to apply to all the areas of your life personally, professionally and in between. Stop suffering from Entrepreneurial Burn Out aka EBO and get back on track today!


• You can develop a deeper understanding of how to ‘stretch’ yourself in all capacities of your life.
• Learn to dream again. Refine your vision and your purpose so you can finally break the cycle of ‘busyness’ and learn how to slow down.
• Learn to identify what an ‘out-of-balance’ state looks like and how to avoid the dreaded Entrepreneurial Burn Out.
• Gain insight on how to conquer everyday challenges as an entrepreneur and create long lasting habits to bring you to the next level in your business.


Practical, easy-to-apply tips and proven strategies to create a long-lasting approach to achieving success in all areas of your life.

• Learn how to recognize the power of the brain and identify how it ‘stretches’.
• Understand the importance of reducing stress.
• Discover tips for managing stress and establishing effective coping strategies.
• Develop tactics on taking your thoughts captive to create a positive change in your body.
• Break free from self-limiting thoughts and upgrade your self-talk through helpful tips to experience breakthrough.
• Learn how to develop support systems to assist you as you grow.
• Know the Ingredients to succeeding even when you are overwhelmed.
• Focus on the right things so you can win in the marketplace and in your personal life.
• Master how to thrive and effectively manage relationships and success.
• Establish clarity surrounding your purpose and vision.
• What it takes to create an organized agenda.