Maxine Driscoll



Maxine is an author, international speaker, award-winning educator, eduvator, edupreneur, educational consultant, leadership trainer and leadership coach who draws on outstanding leadership experience in Australia and internationally. Born in Melbourne, Australia, she has held leadership positions in international and independent schools in Asia and Australia for 20 years culminating in 17 years as both a Principal and Head of School from 2000-2017.

Wanting to contribute to and expand her understanding of leadership and entrepreneurialism to assist 21stCentury School’s plan for the future, Maxine founded her own Global Consultancy, Think Strategic in 2014. Educators from 194 countries have visited her website and blog for inspiration and advice over 300,000 times! She is truly a 21st Century Leader!

Maxine has consulted on leadership and strategic planning in Asia, Australia and the United States of America. She has been invited to speak at conferences in Asia, Australia, Europe and the USA. She has trained Principals, Heads of Schools, School Owners, Curriculum Coordinators, Team Leaders and Teachers in Leadership for the 21st Century.

Maxine guides School Leaders to manage the complexities of leadership in our ever-changing and demanding world. She shares powerful leadership strategies, habits and tools and helps leaders see the future, think strategically and plan for the future. It’s exciting!

Completing a Leadership Fellowship at Columbia University, New York, USA, a Masters of Education at Deakin University, Geelong, Australia and a Bachelor of Education at Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia she is both qualified and passionate to inspire a new generation of 21st Century Leaders.


Leading schools in the 21st century is often difficult and overwhelming. Educators and school leaders are facing complex challenges and massive disruptions due to technological advances, globalization and multiple generational perspectives. These challenges are having a significant impact on the number of educators willing to take on leadership roles in our schools today.

In the next few years we will face a crisis in leadership as baby boomers around the world retire, leaving a multitude of vacant Principal and Head of School positions that most Gen X and Gen Y are not motivated or inspired to undertake.

This book outlines a powerful way forward for School Leaders today and in the future to use innovation and creativity to successfully lead schools and empower 21st Century Learners.


Learn How…

To be a successful new generation 21st century school leader. Discover the drivers of change for the future of learning along with powerful strategies, tools and habits to enable you to successfully prepare your students for their future.

Uncover In These Pages…

Fast track your leadership success using powerful and proven strategies, habits, tools, including creativity and innovation.

• The state of education today.
• What education means for millions of students around the globe.
• Our complex and demanding world.
• The new generation gap.
• Why leadership really matters.
• The drivers of change and the implications for learning.
• How we can create the future.
• What are Eduvators and Edupreneurs.
• What education means for 58 million children around the world.
• How to become an extraordinary 21st Century School Leader.