Marvin & Gloria Smith


Marvin Smith, Jr. is a legendary expert in credit who has changed the lives of many Americans. He is an entrepreneur, investor, speaker, consultant, and #1 credit coach. He has 20 years of knowledge in real estate and construction where he gained most of his knowledge. During his professional tenure as a general contractor and real estate coach, he sold over 200 properties. Marvin is a prominent dignitary in the business community and has received acclaim by helping many business owners fund their dreams. His passion is for people to succeed in life and is willing to assist whenever the possibility presents itself. He has played major roles in developing and coaching numerous investors with successfully purchasing their first property. Marvin has facilitated over 100 real estate seminars. Marvin has his own high energy to motivate people to reach beyond their financial fears and invoke the presence of possibilities. Marvin has been a consulting client for the last 17 years, helping them raise their credit scores. He brought himself through the subjects discussed in this book to raise his own credit score. So not only is he the author of the book, he has also been a client. He has been on Robert Kiyosaki’s late night infomercial Choose to Be Rich. Also, he has been a vendor at Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki events.

Gloria Smith is strong, yet compassionate enterprising and an innovative businesswoman—truly a mover and shaker. With these gleaming attributes, she proudly sits at the helm of Cafe’ Social House and DKR Group LLC with her husband Marvin Smith Jr. Gloria has infused a burst of excitement and a commendable economic boost as an entrepreneur, author, credit coach and speaker in communities across the country. As part of her desire to serve others, Smith served as the board chair for Another Way Out, a nonprofit mentoring organization and was featured in the Atlanta’s Who’s Who. She is also a member of the Chamber of Commerce, Atlanta Business League, and was appointed to the American Red Cross’ Minority Recruitment Advisory Board. Gloria has a heartfelt message for women from all walks of life to get financially educated, and to become the producer of their self-worth, making their dreams come true.


The Psychology of Credit will help you improve your credit score. It will help you have a better understanding of credit and how you can take control of it. This book is for everyone who is interested in learning the ropes of credit management, including qualifying for better interest rates and lower payments. By applying the principles in this book, you can repair your credit and fund your dreams.


Fix the little things that make a big difference in your credit score. Figure out the things that lenders look at to qualify you for loans. The book will effectively share with you the things about your credit score that you did not learn in school.


  • Take control of your credit and get a second chance in life.
  • Understand how to read your credit reports.
  • Take the first steps in understanding the scoring model.
  • Learn how to fund your dreams.
  • Dispute negative items.
  • Maintain good credit.
  • Establish new credit.
  • Improve your credit score.
  • Settle with creditors.
  • Understand why good credit is key.
  • Understand Inquiries.
  • Help your teenagers establish credit.

“This book is a true winner! It helps you better understand how you can efficiently control of your credit, and how to fix minor things that make a big difference in your credit score. Bag your copy of The Psychology of Credit now!”

—Gee Isa-Al
Author of Home at Last!

“Everybody knows that credit-related issues can be very confusing. It’s a relief to know that Marvin and Gloria Smith are here to share their tried-and-tested practices to repair your credit, learn the ropes of managing it, and become qualified for lower interest rates and payments that will ultimately fund your dreams.”

—Jack H. M. Wong
Author of Cracking the Entrepreneur Code

“Here is a powerhouse book of tips, strategy, and approach about your credit score that you never learned in school. The Psychology of Credit is the answer to your credit woes. Take the first educated steps in understanding how to read credit reports, scoring model, dispute negative items, maintain a good credit, and eventually improve your credit score. This book is a gem of knowledge!”

—Benjamin Foo
Author of iPossible!

“It takes less time to fix your credit score than it took to mess it up—that’s one of the valuable lessons that you can learn from this amazing book. Help your teenagers establish their own credit, start them young in understanding inquiries, and help them learn why having good credit is key. A brilliant book, indeed!”

—Yvette D. Best
Author of Maximizing Your Tax Refund