Martha Lee


Martha transformed her life through fitness, after a tough pregnancy with her second child. She suffered from histamine intolerance and developed severe chronic back pain in her youth, which heightened during her pregnancy. It took her six months to see results and become free from back pain. Through fitness, she found a way to cope with fatigue, improve her health and overcome obstacles to succeed in building a business doing what she enjoys.

Together with her husband Steve, the couple created short and effective fitness programmes so that people don’t have to spend hours getting fit. Martha has been motivating people to get fit through her Instagram account “martha_fitness”. In there, you will find her fitness journey, as well as her fitness videos.

Her idea of fitness is not conventional. She is also not part of the “aesthetic fitness” hype but champions fitness as a form of Rest and Refresh for living a fulfilling life. She wrote this book to help others find restfulness in life through fitness.

Martha runs a sports coaching company with her sister, Jill Quek. She was previously a firefighter and coached floorball in schools. She is a mother of two and is happily married to Steve Lee, a Physical Education lecturer.


Why is it most people like the idea of being fit and healthy, but often never really do anything about it? It is because people never really understand what fitness is all about. Why is it many people try to exercise, go on diets but still struggle with maintaining their body year after year? The answer lies in Restful Fitness. “These keys will unlock your mind on what fitness is really about and how you can adopt an active lifestyle wherever you are!”

Learn how to…
You can finally break the cycle of poor image consciousness and take control of your life. You will see the power fitness has on your life once you understand your unique journey and take a first step to a fitter, confident you.

In these pages you will uncover…

Why have you been unsuccessful in achieving your fitness goals and how to change it.

The power of fitness and how you can achieve it the restful way.

  • Why you have tried and failed to get fit, time and time again.
  • How to start getting fit.
  • Eliminate the fitness misconceptions that have been stopping you.
  • Why you are not losing weight through exercise.
  • The common roadblocks you have in fitness.
  • Why you are unable to achieve your fitness goals.
  • Understand your fitness journey and how to make it work for you.
  • Change your habits and discover a confident new you.
  • How to maintain your fitness for a lifetime.
  • Understand how fitness can be restful and still keep you in shape!

“Restful Fitness is not about the hype of aesthetic fitness that is unrealistic and unsustainable for most people. It is about taking control of your life through discovering yourself in fitness and becoming a confident you by mastering your own unique journey in fitness. Read it if you want to finally overcome your obstacles and discover your ability to becoming a fitter and confident you!” – Tomoka Y. Nguyen
, Author of Beauty Confidential

“Restful Fitness is a great book for anyone who wants to exercise and get fit! It reveals the many misconceptions people have about fitness and how having a fit lifestyle can work for anyone, in a way that is progressive and achievable. It will motivate you to take simple steps to start getting your butt out there!” – Adeline Heng , Author of Doing Good and Doing Well

“I find Restful Fitness very helpful in giving me an understanding of what fitness is all about. It takes a very different perspective of getting fit, unlike what is seen on media and taking the progressive steps to get you moving and motivated for a long time. A great read for anyone who is serious about getting fit in a non-intimidating way!“

Igor Klibanov
, Author of Stop Exercising!