Marilyn Pierce


Marilyn Pierce spent her life on every possible diet, but alas continued dragging the physical weight of her body with her year after year. After a long difficult marriage had ended, she found herself at a peak of almost 300 pounds. Finally, with the support of friends and family, she began the slow and steady ascent out of the darkness of obesity to the life of health, wellness, working out and finding herself.

Her professional life working in the health care field as a Registered Nurse, coupled with her genuine desire to help others, has led her to write a book that supports not only her success but validation of the steps it takes to change the old habits and create new ones. Now Marilyn is best known among her colleagues for her healthy eating habits, her regular workout habits, and her willingness to help others by teaching them what it takes to become healthy and happy. Her reputation for being positive and upbeat matches the results that she can  continue to show each day, week, month and year. In addition to practicing and improving her healthy habits, Marilyn also enjoys writing poetry and music, playing guitar and singing with friends and family.

This is not another lose weight fast to gain it back again book. Marilyn wrote this book from the perspective of one who has been there, done it wrong, and then did what it finally took to lose weight while gaining only self-confidence and healthy living. This is the story of a survivor, with a real live positive ending. The methods described are from a remarkable continuous journey from a very low point in her life to a place of happiness and health. With practical ideas and strategies that anyone can use, Marilyn describes the behaviors she learned and perfected to achieve lasting and continued success in healthy living and weight loss.


The battle to lose weight can be a lifelong ball and chain, dragged from scale to scale, over weeks, months, and years. Sometimes there are painfully successful diets, but the success is usually short-lived and weight gain reverses the weight loss again and again. Sometimes the process actually ends with more pounds gained than lost, making the torturous efforts seem all the more futile and wasted. Why is it that that so many people who have practiced staying on so many different diets, and have exercised tirelessly for so many hours, still struggle with the ball and chain of being overweight?

Ground Work before Pound Work understands these horrific patterns and instead introduces foundational strategies for changes that will support health and wellness by creating new habits and lifestyles around food and eating. Weight loss and maintenance of weight loss are the end results for life.

Learn How…
You can break the yo-yo dieting cycle of pain and suffering that lead to more failures and discouragement. Instead, take control of your life and re-condition your actions to create new habits that lead to wonderful feelings of success in the short term and happiness and rewards over the rest of your life. This system will lead to the feelings that we all seek when we are pleased with who we are today and happy with our life’s accomplishments.

In These Pages You Will Uncover…

  • How to stop the yo-yo diet process and create long-term success and happiness for the rest of your life.
  • How to stop counting calories and instead plan to eat things you love.
  • How to feel successful every day with small consistent efforts.
  • Planning and preparing meals that you and your family will be happy to enjoy together.
  • Replacing your behaviors each day with new and better ways to be happy.
  • How to slowly sneak up on your old habits and turn them into new better ones.
  • Creating accountability for yourself and others to support the positive changes you will be making
  • Identifying successes and acknowledging and rewarding them regularly.
  • Including your family in the positive changes you are making so that the happiness and success are supported and shared with those you love.
  • Planning strategies for the creation of new lifestyle habits that will lead to long-term great health and weight loss.
  • How to create new ways that will lead to success, but will not fall away when success is achieved.

As a how-to guide, this book contains everything you may need to know. Brimming with straightforward strategies anyone can use to learn to incorporate the new habits and lifestyle that will bring out the best in anyone.
– Rhonda Uretzky, author of The Blissful Warrior

Powerful and practical messages about how to successfully lose weight and keep it off with solid, healthy changes that will improve your whole outlook. Apply Marilyn Pierce’s knowledge and methods and you’ll feel happy and healthy for the rest of your life.
– Dr. Andrea Maxim, ND, author of MAXIMized Health

Here is a powerhouse book of tips, tactics and approaches to lose weight and get healthy that simply work. A fantastic book!
Sharon Fillmore
, author of The Exploding Health Wealth And Nutrition Business