Mariam Sha



For over ten years, Mariam Sha, founder and director of Awakening Excellence, has helped organisations to grow and develop. She is driven by the belief that an organisation’s greatest asset is its people. As the CEO of Investors in People, South Africa, the international framework on people practices, she has worked with hundreds of organisations, small and large, to implement effective best practices. Relying on her diverse experiences, she contributes a wealth of knowledge and works with people across departments and divisions to create a high-performance organisation.

After completing her MBA thesis on “Developing a Motivational Culture in Organisations,” Dr. Sha read for her PhD (cum laude) in coaching and organisational transformation through Commonwealth Open University. These achievements position her as a respected advisor in her field. Also, as a licensed neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) master practitioner, she brings with her an astute sense of how people function.

Mariam Sha’s core belief is that every individual possesses the resources to achieve his/her hopes, goals, and dreams and, within themselves, has the power to be truly successful.


Are you achieving your profit and productivity targets?

How many of your employees are truly engaged?

Are you tapping into the talents and passion of your employees?

Do you constantly wonder if all your employees are focused and working towards the common purpose of
the organisation?

Are you managers putting out fires, or are they proactive leaders and visionaries?

In An Engaged Workforce, Dr. Sha shares six practical steps to creating a coaching culture. On this journey, readers will find solutions to the organisational challenges of employee disengagement and loss of profit and productivity. This step-by-step approach is a valuable tool for any organisation that wishes to create a high-performing work environment with engaged employees.

Learn how . . .

  • Create an engaged workforce by tapping into people’s passion and purpose.
  • Improve customer service.
  • Increase productivity and profitability.
  • Create a coaching culture.
  • Create a high-performance organisation.

This book is for you, the CEO, director, manager, or business owner who believes it is people that truly makes a business successful, that personnel is truly our greatest asset. If potential is harnessed, we can create the organisations we all wish to be part of.

Employee engagement means identifying all aspects that create a more fulfilling human experience in the workspace. In return, organisations experience mutual trust and commitment and achieve business objectives, aligning passion and purpose for individual, organisational, and community benefits.

In these pages you will uncover . . .

Create an engaging workforce that achieves your business objectives. Apply a coaching methodology to tap into the genius that exists within every individual, for the benefit of the individual as well as the organisation.

  • Understand the practices and culture of an engaged workforce.
  • Know what unhealthy, unsupportive practices to look for in your organisation.
  • AApply the six practical steps to create a coaching culture.
  • Understand coaching and its benefits.
  • Measure return on investment on coaching and other development interventions.
  • Read and experience case studies and best practice on engaged and disengaged workforces
  • Learn how and why coaching can make a positive, notable difference in profitability, productivity, and