Mani Goulding


MANI GOULDING, B.Comm., MBA, CPA is a graduate of Queens’ University, an experienced and dedicated career coach, and an author, speaker, and owner of Career Passion Limited. After 10 years in the finance profession, she refocused her career into HR after discovering a passion for helping people identify and develop their talents into careers where they can achieve their highest potential. She has over 25 years of experience as a senior HR executive and Talent Director responsible for designing hiring, assessment, and development programs for major corporations to identify and nurture talent from entry levels to executive positions. She now works with individuals, including young adults, who are struggling with career choices by helping them discover how their own unique portfolio of strengths, values, and interests can lead to a career that can inspire, reward, and engage them. Her book shares her experience and insight as a professional coach and parent of two adult daughters to give parents and young people practical advice on how to find careers where they can thrive. She can be reached at


What would you give to know that your child is living their best life, a life that builds their self-worth, rather than just net worth? A life that is based on living out their values rather than just acquiring valuables? A life where their energy is focused on being self-less rather than taking selfies? This book gives you practical steps to lead your child to careers that engage, inspire, and reward them by connecting them to their hidden talents, passions, and purpose.

As parents, we all have the same goal for our children: We want them to thrive and lead lives where they can experience happiness and success. Knowing that much of their lives will be spent at work, how can we help them choose jobs where they can find happiness and fulfillment?

The evidence is clear that many young adults are overwhelmed by the process of selecting a career, and many end up in jobs that are not a good fit. By coaching your child to take a wholistic approach to the career process where they engage their head, heart, and soul, you can lead the way to careers where they can find meaning and purpose by contributing their talents and passions to solve problems and issues that they care about deeply.

This book helps guide parents and young adults on the steps they can take to find jobs where they can thrive by asking the right questions to identify career strengths, passions, values, and purpose. It gives parents practical ideas to help develop their children’s potential by providing the right opportunities, activities, and experiences and introducing them to the right people to motivate and inspire them.


Uncover your child’s hidden strengths-they can be linked to particular careers. Discover and nurture your child’s passions, and learn how to apply them to solving problems that they care about so they can have a sense of purpose and contribution. You will find inspiration in real life stories of young adults who have used the formula of combining strengths, passion, and purpose to gain meaningful and successful careers.

As an added bonus, the book includes access to an electronic workbook that will record the results as you work through the process outlined in these pages.


  • The steps to help your child find their career sweet spot where their strengths, passion, and purpose converge.
  • The 5 golden rules for parents to follow in providing career advice and guidance in a way that will bring them closer to their children.
  • How to be a strength detective to identify and develop your child’s natural strengths into career muscles that give them a competitive advantage in the workplace.
  • How to spark your child’s passions by recognizing those things that they can do and including them as career choices.
  • How to find your child’s career tribe by using their personality traits to find the right work environments and right people to inspire and motivate them.
  • How to identify your child’s values and beliefs and find careers where they can be their authentic self.
  • How to connect your child to their sense of purpose by showing them how they can apply their talents and passion by helping to solve problems in the world around them.
  • How to conduct a reality check to objectively assess whether your child can find success in a particular career.