Mallika Allu & Ravi Jandhyala


Mallika Allu and Ravi Jandhyala are Authors, Speakers, and Coaches. Motivated by an immense passion for healthy eating and healthy living, they deeply care about the wellbeing of people.

Both the authors were busy ascending the ladders of the corporate world and in the process put their physical, emotional and mental health in the backseat. This took a toll on Mallika’s health and she was soon the victim of a chronic degenerative disease “Ulcerative Colitis”. Severe inflammation ravaged her body, stripped all her energy and left her in despair. With each passing day, she had difficulty even going through daily activities. Medical doctors and professionals insisted on immunosuppressants and steroids to keep her inflammation in check and finally might have to surgically remove her gut to resolve the issue.

Driven by a strong motivation to breastfeed our baby and provide her a fabulous life, Mallika took charge of her own health. Frustrated with often contradicting and confusing nutritional advice, the authors researched numerous medical journals and connected the dots with ancient roots. This knowledge helped Mallika immensely in reversing her autoimmune disease. Later the authors successfully coached others reverse their autoimmune diseases using the same strategies.

The authors believe that Ignorance of health will lead to disease and in this book The (Ignored) Truth about Health they provide the readers a roadmap and all the necessary knowledge with a step by step protocol that can be followed to reverse autoimmune diseases. Our body can self-heal itself from most of the ailments when provided with proper nutrition, balanced emotions, healthy habits, and a toxic-free environment.

The authors wanted to spread this phenomenal knowledge to help people embrace health and put an end to their suffering and hence decided to write a book.


Life with an autoimmune condition is extremely challenging. You fight daily to get up from the bed, you fight to get through the day and you fight to fall asleep. You are constantly pushed to the brink of breaking points. It is like living in a body that wants to destroy you. It shortens lifespan, destroys the quality of life, financially bankrupts and threatens the health of future generations

Conventional medicine has failed miserably when it comes to treating autoimmune conditions. They are more into disease management rather than healing it.

Whether you are suffering from Lupus, multiple sclerosis, IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s or one of the hundreds of autoimmune conditions, if you address the root cause of your illness, you can reclaim vitality and energy in few weeks.

In this book The (Ignored) Truth about Health, the authors Ravi Jandhyala and Mallika Allu share a 4 phase protocol to reverse autoimmune diseases. It is a simple step by step guide that helps drastically reduce autoimmune symptoms in as little as 4 weeks. The book sheds light on possible causes and triggers of the illness and provides solutions to address them. It empowers the readers with the knowledge needed to lead a healthy and vibrant life. This is not yet another nutritional book with a fad diet. It touches on all aspects like stressors, toxicity and nutritional deficiencies that contribute to the majority of autoimmune diseases.


• Find the potential causes and triggers of autoimmune diseases
• Use alternative healing methods instead of conventional medicine that is failing at treating autoimmune illnesses
• Conquer inflammation and Chronic illness using 4 phase protocol
• Eliminate or reduce the need for prescription medication by taking charge of your health
• Transform into a juggernaut of energy by busting inflammation, fatigue, depression, and anxiety
• Create insurmountable passion, creativity, and hunger for excellence with more inward introspection and meditation
• Eliminate toxins in your environment and detoxify your body
• Heal your leaky gut
• Eat foods that are healing and avoid foods that exacerbate the disease
• Reclaim your health, energy, and vitality


Dramatically reduce the symptoms of your autoimmune disease in as little as 6 weeks. A 4 phase protocol to reverse autoimmune diseases.

• How even someone like me with severe inflammation and chronic illness was able to self-heal with an easy to follow step by step protocol put together in this book
• Understand what causes sickness and the magnificent power of the body to self-heal
• How to stop managing disease and start conquering it. Embrace good health.
• Untangling the complexity of nutritional advice. Strategies to choose autoimmune healing foods and avoid triggers
• Heal leaky gut using gut healing protocol and supplements
• How hidden toxins are contributing to our health issues and a definite guide to detoxing them
• How to create a kickass version of yourself with simple and effective strategies to conquer stress