Maggie Wilde


Maggie Wilde is The Potentialist. She is a multi-award-winning author, speaker, and mentor, renowned for the creation of the unique CPR Mind Potential Brain Training Kits™.

As a thought leader in her field Maggie travels the globe educating and inspiring.

Maggie and her amazing client successes are regularly featured in national and international media, including Sunrise, A Current Affair, The Daily Edition, Good Morning New Mexico, San Diego Living, London Daily Mail, Sydney Morning Herald, Woman’s Day, Good Health, Los Angeles LOA Radio, and many more.

Maggie’s books, CPR Audio Kit, and online courses have helped thousands of clients around the world achieve their potential.

After surviving a severe stroke, renal failure, and a coma, learning to live with and conquering the symptoms of multiple systemic autoimmune disorders, Maggie has used her immense skills and instincts to rewire her brain and body back to health. She empowers others around the world to rewire their own minds to live their potential too.

“It’s my mission to help train your brain to unleash your potential, to help you switch off neural patterns of sabotage, doubt, or fear and activate the real you. You’ve always known there was more. Now it’s time to believe it, see it, and be your potential,” she says.

Will you be the next person to unleash your potential by going to bed with Maggie Wilde’s CPR Brain Training Kit?


This Guidebook is dedicated to people who are fed up playing small, people who dream of playing life from their full potential. You know who you are!

You are capable of more but procrastinate, feel stuck, and often don’t understand why.

You make resolutions but feel curiously frustrated that endless excuses and determined doubts let you down.

In the past, you may have:

  • Self-sabotaged.
  • Experienced fanciful fears and agonizing anxiety.
  • Been plagued by chatter from your inner critic.
  • Dithered making decisions.
  • Played at life with mediocre motivation.
  • Dabbled in days of dreary depression.
  • Spent wakeful, weary nights wondering why you’re here again.
  • Made promises to yourself but failed to follow through.
  • Considered abandoning ambitions or dismissing dreams.
  • Pined for purpose but dismissively doubted yourself.

If you have done any of these things and still persist in pondering your promising potential that’s positively pleading for permission to play at life full throttle, then this book is for you!

In these pages, you will learn why you might have failed in seven key areas of life and why this isn’t your fault.

You’ll learn solutions to the unhelpful habits and thinking patterns that have held you back. The book will address your career and work-life balance, as well as how to improve relationships and communication. It will also tackle your concerns about body confidence, weight, and eating habits. You will learn to build a strong foundation of self-esteem, and you will discover proven strategies that will enable you to better manage stress and conquer health challenges. You will unearth the magic key to increase your wealth ceiling, and I’ll even show you how to activate your success attitude for life. Whatever has held you back so far, it was not you! It is only the way you were wired, and there is something you can do about it

This book will free you to rewire your mind to get what you really want from life. It includes a bonus CPR Mind Potential Brain Training Audio Kit™, tailored to help you unleash your potential. The Audio Kit will allow you to retrain your brain while you drift off to sleep.

CPR Mind Potential Brain Training Kit™

C = Control unhelpful habits, stress reactions, and thinking patterns, just like a light switch.

P = Program healthier neurochemical responses, emotional reactions, habits, and thinking patterns.

R = Rewire healthy new emotional reactions, thinking patterns, or habits permanently.

This book is packed with step-by-step brain-training solutions to help you embrace who you are so you can reach your full potential fast!


  • You’ll finally see how easy it is to switch off procrastination, excuses, and sabotaging habits.
  • You’ll be inspired to take more action at work, home, and play.
  • At last, you’ll be able to tame your inner critic.
  • You’ll switch off self-doubt and deactivate longstanding fears.
  • You’ll build the foundation of confidence and self-esteem that will set you free to reach your potential.
  • You’ll finally win the battle with habits or addictions that have trapped you in the yo-yo cycle of weight, diet, addictions, or eating emotions, and you’ll never have to diet again.
  • You’ll have confidence in your body at last. You’ll feel comfortable in your own skin and like and accept what you see in the mirror.
  • At last, you’ll be able to handle life’s challenges more easily, overcome burnout, manage stress, and regain vitality for life.
  • You’ll finally develop the clarity to know what you want and, of course, how to rewire your mind to guarantee that you get it.
  • You’ll finally understand how to break through financial ceilings and earn what you deserve at last!
  • You’ll develop healthy communication skills at home, in relationships, at play, and in your career.
  • You’ll know how to think like a winner and activate the success attitude for life.
  • You’ll learn to match the masters of life that you admire.
  • You’ll find step-by-step solutions to delete the wiring that’s kept you playing small and activate the wiring of your potential at last!
  • You’ll learn how to retrain your brain even while you sleep.


Train your brain to help you easily get what you really want from life and reach your potential at last!

  • Bonus CPR Brain Training Kit™, tailored to unleash your potential.
  • Discover the three brain-training secrets you’ll wish you were taught in school.
  • Use these secret keys to change your brain and change your life.
  • Discover how long it really takes to change a habit permanently.
  • Embrace the real you, and live life from your potential.

Use these brain-training secrets to switch off procrastination, sabotage, and excuses. Implement these brain-training secrets to:

  • Create healthier habits.
  • Build better relationships and improve communication.
  • Reduce stress and manage life’s challenges with ease.
  • Heal your body, sleep better, and reduce pain or severity of symptoms.
  • Lose weight permanently and never diet again.
  • Create a healthy relationship with food and alcohol.
  • Discover body confidence.
  • Increase self-confidence and raise your baseline self-esteem.
  • Smash your wealth ceiling and boost your earning potential.
  • Rewire your brain with a success attitude.
  • Embrace who you are and reach your potential fast!