Mabel Kane


Mabel Kane, author of “Beauty-full, Control your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Self through Menopause, a Guide for Today’s Woman,” is an author and educator who also coaches and supports gen-Xers and millennials in the pursuit of their academic and professional goals. Mabel is an avid reader, writer, and public speaker with interests in health and wellness: environmental, global and women’s health in particular.

As an adult educator, Mabel enjoys teaching-learning with  adult learners who are self-directed and motivated to learn. Having advanced degrees in Nursing and Adult Education, and together with her many years of hands-on experience working with adult patients, positions her to understand the learning needs that are peculiar to women in the menopausal periods. Since only one out of three dollars spent on medical research goes to learning about women’s issues, many women remain ignorant of the impact of menopause on their health. Mabel wanted to write this book to help women approaching and in the menopausal periods to inform themselves so that they can use the information, make the adjustments and thus mitigate some of the undesirable consequences related to the CHANGE.

Mabel believes that if women have the information they need to make the right choices for their health, they are likely to use it. Moreover, she insists that the premise of expertise is openness and sharing. Change and growth result from that openness, and so Mabel is inspired to share her expert knowledge to enable women to lead more fun-filling lives through menopause and beyond.


As you encounter the certainties of menopause, are you apprehensive about the unknown? Now that you can no longer have children, are you grieving over missed opportunities, abuse at the hand of others, or personal failures? Do you suffer the threat of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke or other physical ailments associated with the change? Have you lost your libido? Do you experience loneliness, mood swings and unexplainable sadness? Do you have family problems, or on the job? Do you find that you are always complaining about something or other? These physical, mental and spiritual challenges are only summoning you to live the remaining years of your life at a deeper and more satisfying level. All those years you spent attending to the needs of others while neglecting your own, now is the only time you have left to seize control and look after the personal business. This book, will give you the knowledge that you lack and will enable you to reconnect with the person you always were-a woman of substance created in the image of your Father. The learning experience in this book will launch you on a journey of self-reflection that promises to quicken your spirit and actuates creative and generative powers towards new growth and spiritual rehabilitation. In this book, you will learn how to order the rest of your physical life that gives resonance with your mental and spiritual desires. You will rejoice in knowing that you are free of the past when you forgive yourself and determine to work toward exhibiting your actual physical, mental and spiritual beauty. Not only will you learn to forgive yourself and others, but you will also acknowledge that all along this was your correct path as you are re-discovering your pure genius and creative power. Freeing yourself from the self-sabotaging beliefs and attitudes that you are ageing and therefore, lack value will give you intelligence and the jurisdictions to own your truth and confidently project beauty-full from the inside out. This book inspires you to sustain the journey through menopause; it supplies you perspicacity into personal health and wellness, animates intellectual curiosity, and exposes your unique creative and generative powers. It empowers you to connect with your spirit, adding much-needed joy to your life-joy that when fully integrated illumines your countenance. As you apprehend your God-given powers, you experience transcendent peace that will enfold the balance of your beauty-full life.



Women will be able to study and understand the physiology of the female body in menopause.

• Learn to conduct a personal physical assessment
• Recognize when physical symptoms need medical intervention
• Determine the metabolic process of type 2 diabetes in menopause
• Embrace unambiguous methods to offset health challenges in menopause
• Use SMART goal planning to set personal health goals
• Eschew negative thinking in favour of affirmative action
• Apply the processes of reflection and spiritual fitness to reconcile with the past
• Employ exercise and activity to thwart depression and loneliness
• Master a personal diet and exercise protocol to serve as the grand marshal of life after menopause


Women, with their newly acquired knowledge about the “change”, can look critically but objectively at their selves and design a new pathway that integrates all three aspects of their personality. Having the body, the soul, and the spirit functioning in harmony is the essence of homeostasis.


    • Exercise physical control means that women have the knowledge to assess their health risks in menopause and use SMART goal planning to address the areas that are troublesome
    • Metabolism of starches and sugars change around the time women are menopausal
    • Type 2 diabetes is knocking on your menopausal door
    • Diet and exercise regimen in menopause are the best ways to cheat death from stroke and heart disease
    • Mental control = intellectual vitality needed to stay focused
    • Top duties to self in menopause- this is the best time for women to put themselves first
    • Re-tooling in menopause (ex. charity work, volunteering, pursuing higher education etc.)
    • A woman is a created being with body, soul, and spirit—women learn to integrate the three aspects of their self into one coherent whole
    • To experience tranquility, to find peace, women have to temper desires with reason
    • The exercise of faith is essential to a robust spiritual life after menopause
    • Finding purpose is fatal to loneliness after menopause