Lynn Maria Thompson


Lynn Maria Thompson is an entrepreneur and corporate veteran who’s lived with cats for almost thirty years. Best known as the founder of the digital store, she enables people to live more harmoniously with their feline companions by helping them better understand their pets. She also provides cat lovers with an online store to purchase the things they need to keep their cats happy and healthy.

Between her corporate career with a directory publisher and service on boards of multiple nonprofit groups, Lynn has experienced many approaches to leadership. Surprisingly, she has learned more from observing the behavior of her own cats than she has from the many leadership books she has read. After consulting experts in feline behavior to analyze why cats do what they do, Lynn began applying her insight about those behaviors to successful business leadership. That, coupled with interviews of successful CEOs about their leadership tactics, has led to her book, The Feline CEO. If you find that the same old approaches to leadership are no longer working for you or keeping you energized, perhaps you need a dose of catnip! Even if you’re not a cat person, The Feline CEO will leave you refreshed and excited about conquering the world.

Lynn earned a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the Warrington School of Business at the University of Florida. She is a former Toastmaster and graduate of the Dale Carnegie Course in Effective Speaking and Human Relations. After taking early retirement from her corporate career with BellSouth, she founded Thompson Writing & Editing to help others tell their stories. She launched in 2010 and has now turned her attention toward sharing her own stories in print.

Lynn currently lives in Jacksonville, Florida, with her three feline mentors: Captain Roughy, Gilligan, and Matilda Stormkitty. She serves on the board of the Jax Online Marketing Meetup (JOMM), is a member of the JAX Chamber, the ShankMinds mastermind group, and holds a lifetime membership in the University of Florida Alumni Association. In her spare time, she enjoys singing soprano in the choir at Riverside Presbyterian Church, supporting the Jacksonville Axemen rugby league team, and volunteering annually at the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.


Are you feeling burned out or stagnant? Has your company’s growth stalled? Even worse, are you tired of seeking advice, only to find the same old, boring business help books?The Feline CEO takes a fresh look at leadership from the perspective of a cat’s behavior. Regain your passion and momentum to lead your organization to new heights with this purr-fect, can’t-miss book for any business leader!


Restore your confidence through the power of the feline mind. Solve your problems with a cat’s approach as you find joy in daily hunting, graceful leaping, and reassuring routines. Rediscover the joys of playing, sleeping, and keeping them all guessing.


Start leading like a cat!• Get your catitude on! Cats think the world of themselves, so lead with feline confidence.

• Get the view from above with catlike analysis of any and all challenges.
• Stay ready to pounce as you use your Kitty Sense to hunt daily for new opportunities.
• Keep your eyes open for new developments and be willing to test gravity when necessary.
• Gain time for thinking big thoughts by relegating the small stuff to comfortable routines.
• Assess potential relationships… like a cat!
• Plan Remarkable Leaps with confidence and land gracefully on all fours with the help of your new feline-oriented mindset.
• Rediscover the joys of play and share them with your team by shifting your perspective on must-do tasks.
• Never underestimate the power of a good nap.
• Advance to the next level with more complex feline behaviors that will keep you a step ahead.