Linda Marshall


Linda Marshall is an entrepreneur, author, grief & life coach, trainer, speaker, mental health advocate, and hypnotherapist. She has lived through tragedy and loss in her own life and is now passionate in helping others heal and grow through their grief. After beginning her new studies in late 2011 focused on grief and recovery, she volunteered with the Halifax Regional Police, Victim Services, helping victims of domestic violence, sudden death, and sexual assault. She currently loves teaching suicide intervention skills (ASIST) to students, first responders, military, health care workers, teachers, and community volunteers.

She lost her first marriage of 13 years and became a single parent with two daughters. Years later on February 17, 2011, she suddenly lost her spouse Barry to suicide. This tragedy left her and her family shattered. After this traumatic event in her life, Linda moved back to her hometown of Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she was suddenly on her own and an empty nester. She left her successful career in the corporate world for a new life and switched gears to help others. This meant advancing her education in a completely different field at the age of 45.

Linda married her current husband Jon, a retired military veteran. They currently reside in Hammonds Plains, Nova Scotia, where Linda continues to help others in her private practice through writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching. She has two married daughters, one stepson, two grandchildren and another one on the way.

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Losing a loved one is much too difficult to deal with alone. Grieving hearts need love and support, and lots of it. Many of us don’t know where to turn or what to do to heal our broken heart. Even our family and friends who want to help, don’t know what to do, what to say, or even what not to say. This book will help you find, hope, peace, and joy while keeping your loved one near your heart forever. If you are feeling stuck in your grief, learn how to find your power and stop being the victim. This book is a combination of story, self-help for grievers and their families, and personal experience of loss and hope. This is the book I wish I’d had when I lost my spouse to suicide on February 17, 2011.


• You can finally break the cycle of fear and negative thinking.
• You can stop being a victim and become a survivor.
• You can experience the power of growth from loss and pain.
• Resilient you can be, no matter what your loss. No situation is hopeless.
• To live happily alongside of your grief. Love never ends.
• Heal your heart through this book.
• To think positive. No matter how bad things are, this will help your life receive greatness.
• Time alone does not heal a broken heart. It’s what you choose to do with your time.


• I didn’t see this coming… my heart is broken.
• My journey towards peace, love, and joy.
• Please be patient, I’m still grieving.
• I can’t do this alone. I need my family and friends to understand.
• Grief has helped me grow, and learn how to be a better person.
• I can’t change the past, but I can choose how to move forward.
• Taking care of my heart and soul makes me stronger for others.
• Don’t ever give up. Grief changes one day at a time.
• Open up your heart to new possibilities.
• The past does not define us, it is our teacher.
• You need to believe there are better days to come.
• You won’t always feel this way.