Linda Buckley


Linda is a native of Chicago. She moved to Atlanta after graduating from the University of Michigan with a Masters Degree in Social Work. Linda is passionate about helping others move through life when problems interfere. She is a licensed Clinical Social Worker. She works in the medical field helping others with complex medical issues. She helps them to come up with solutions and provide community resources when needed.

Linda has a positive outlook on life and helps others to look at their life in a positive manner as well. Linda has coached others in health, fitness, and speaking. Linda is best known for the support and guidance she gives to others.

Linda has worked with the elderly and people with mental and physical health issues. She has provided individualized treatment plans designed to meet each patient’s specific needs. Linda also helps families deal more effectively with their loved ones.

Linda provides confidential assessments and consultation from emotional problems: referrals for to outpatient, partial hospitalization or inpatient care based on each individual’s treatment needs. Linda provides support for families of those suffering from physical and mental illnesses, and information about mental health concerns and community services.

Linda speaks on issues of physical and mental health to a variety of audiences. Linda is passionate about helping others get the information they need to work with their family members.


Everyone has problems, but with help, you can solve them. I will tell you how to solve problems that you or someone else may encounter. Solve your problems in several easy steps.

People are facing some health problems, diabetes, COPD, and Dementia. When these illnesses affect your family, it may be difficult to deal with, especially if this is the first time this has happened to you. You may have heard of these problems but never had to deal with them until now. You may be thinking, ‘what do I do?’ ‘How do I handle this?’ You seek out help from healthcare professionals. They give you information and help you with community resources. Usually, these people are over the age of 60. In some cases, these people may not have taken their health seriously until now.

There are things that people can do to improve their health, from watching what they eat, eating more fruits and vegetables, and exercising at least 3 times a week together with getting more sleep.


Learn how to get unstuck and stop being pluralized when a problem occurs. There is a need to move forward, but you don’t know how. Life can become less stressful when you know how.


Solve your problems today and move on with your life.

  • Solving your problem is the first step in regaining control of your life.
  • Everyone has problems, it is how we choose to look at them that determines what we should do.
  • Discover the first and last thing you should do to solve your problems.
  • Figure out why your problems seem to reoccur.
  • Learn how to help others deal with their problems.
  • Realize how problems help us grow beyond what we can ever imagine.
  • Turn your problems into new challenges that you can conquer.
  • Find a need and solve it.
  • Nothing last forever, even when it feels like it.