Lillie Cawthorn



Lillie Cawthorn is the director of a Sydney-based industrial property trust and has been investing in industrial real estate for the past fifteen years. She has real estate investment interests in Australia, France and the United States, and has travelled extensively, initially gaining investment experience in residential real estate across three countries in which she built and renovated homes she then leased out. Lillie is well placed to compare the benefits of the little-known industrial real estate investment opportunity to the more commonly known residential real estate investment domain.

She lives in Sydney, and has industrial property investment interests in small unit factories, larger conventional warehouses, and industrial property trusts.

Prompted by the discovery that very few women invest in industrial real estate, Lillie explored the reasons why. She shares her knowledge and experience in this straight-forward step-by-step guide, encouraging women of all ages to earn passive income in an investment sector traditionally seen as a male domain.


What woman wouldn’t love to earn extra income without extra work? But who has the time to investigate a little known investment source? And who has the stamina to dive into a male dominated domain?

Take charge now; replace your fears and confusion with knowledge and understanding using this easy to follow guide to help you invest in your first factory — your Money Factory!
Lillie Cawthorn’s The Money Factory explains industrial real estate and shows readers how to earn “set and forget” extra income. Included are interviews with experts who welcome the opportunity to work with women. In these pages, readers learn the inside-out about investment opportunities that can truly alter their lives.

Learn How . . .

  • You might be asking yourself: What is industrial real estate? What is passive income? How can I save the deposit? Who can help me in this unfamiliar territory?
  • Lillie Cawthorn answers those vexing questions and many more.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover . . .

Using an easy-to-follow “join the dots” style whilst incorporating stories and examples from actual investors, The Money Factory shows how you can:

  • Organise your budget and plan investment goals
  • Finance your investments optimally
  • Find the right agent and the right property for you
  • Select a managing agent who has your best interests at heart
  • Choose a solicitor to explain your tenant’s lease agreement in simple terms
  • Find the right people to manage your investment property
  • Understand your rent income statement
  • Put strategies in place to manage difficult market situations
  • Use strategies implemented by successful investors
  • Manage and grow the income received from your investment

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