Laney Young


Laney Young is an Author, Speaker, and a notable Health & Wellness Consultant.

She is Founder and Former CEO of HCG For Your Life and Developer of HCG Rapid Burn and VClinica-an elite Skincare Rejuvenation Line. She is also Founder and CEO of Vocci Int’l & Vocci Spas (Arizona).

Having learned many valuable lessons in her lifetime that led her to her own success, Laney decided to write her book as a way of giving back. She knows firsthand success is not a straight path, it includes a lot of challenges and detours. But she also knows it is what you do with those challenges to turn them into success.

Laney’s businesses are about helping people to look good on the outside and her book is about helping them to feel good on the inside. Together they will help one to discover how to be the best that they can be. She sincerely believes this book can benefit others to spark their passion and live their most enriched life now and in the future.

When Laney is not on stage sharing her message, you can find her participating in community volunteer work and spending time with her beloved family.


Are you looking for that special thing that will give you deep fulfillment? It’s only natural to ask, where will it come from? Relentlessly burying ourselves in our job, being in a special relationship, purchasing a luxurious home, or something else? Certainly, these are all nice things to have, but the most important revelation is, that fulfillment has to be generated from deep within. The challenge, or rather the beauty of fulfillment in life is that it’s not about achieving one single goal. It is about emotional fulfillment, and it emerges not from an external source, but is essentially from our inner core values and is long-lasting.


Live a life with integrity towards yourself, one that’s consistent with your values; find fulfillment and the key to achieving lasting success. 


  • What true fulfillment is
  • The difference between success and fulfillment
  • How satisfaction relates to fulfillment
  • The impact of fulfillment on health and wellbeing
  • The secrets of the world’s most successful people
  • How finding fulfillment contributes to lasting success