Kurt Roswell


Kurt Roswell is an author, business coach, and online marketing consultant. A corporate slave turned online financial freedom fighter, Kurt Roswell is passionate about teaching people the tao of online marketing and entrepreneurship as a vehicle for attaining financial freedom.

Growing up, Kurt adhered to the typical life advice of “Go to school, get good grades, get a high-paying job.” In the process, he graduated Cum Laude with a double degree in Psychology and Business Management from one of the most prestigious universities in the country. Seeing the need for ongoing education in a competitive world, he earned a Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Science from the same university while graduating with a degree in Print and Multimedia Arts from a notable digital arts academy. All of these credentials allowed Kurt to secure high-paying employment opportunities and climb up the corporate ladder at a rapid rate.

Jumpstarting his career in the corporate world, Kurt got his first job as a Store Manager for one of the largest wholesale warehouse store chains in the country. His career ascendance saw him holding a Product Development Officer post for an international manufacturing and distribution company and an Online Marketing Strategist position for a global web services company. Kurt finally ended up getting head-hunted to lead a UK-based web services startup as the company’s Online Marketing Director.

Feeling the distress and unhappiness of the corporate rat race (high salaries be damned), Kurt became fascinated with the idea of financial freedom. Along the way, he reached an Executive Title as part of a top network marketing company. Kurt also coached aspiring entrepreneurs as part of the country’s official “Cashflow 101” (of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” fame) organization. Ultimately, he tried his hands on online marketing and was convinced that making money online is the everyman’s vehicle to financial freedom. After 17 failed websites spanning some 4 years, Kurt was able to master online marketing and created passive income streams online to quit his high-paying job. Subsequently, he was also able to reject high-paying corporate offers and counteroffers without regret. Money in exchange for freedom is just not worth it.

Now a financially-free author, business coach, and online marketing consultant, Kurt keeps busy by putting up online properties that generate income on autopilot, testing the latest and most effective online marketing techniques, and helping corporate slaves gain financial freedom by building passive income online. Online marketing consultations are also welcome.

When he is not engaged in online marketing, Kurt dabbles into venture capital investments and trading. He also enjoys hip hop dancing, basketball games, binge-watching comedy TV series, playing strategic video games, and reading books in peace. Online marketing definitely afforded Kurt the reality to enjoy everything that life has to offer. The lack of distress also kept him youthful and baby-faced.


OMG, not another day in the office. The struggle is real!

Every day, your mind waking up to an alarm clock but your body wanting to hug the sheets.

Every week, your heart sensing relief on Friday afternoons but your spirit feeling dread on Sunday evenings.

Every opportunity, your wallet drooling to make extra but your health laboring to take another hit.

Every call, your superiors demanding you to arrive on time but your kids begging you to stay a minute longer.

Every moment, your passion raising you up to feel alive but your work dragging you down to a slow death.

Every bit a struggle – inner battles and painful compromises that are all too familiar to everyone living inside the rat race.

How did we end up here when we followed the smart advice – “Go to school, get good grades, get a high-paying job”? Seriously, what happened? The promise was a safe, secure,  and  satisfying  life.  Not  an  agonizing  existence  of one  compromise  after  the  other.  It’s  not  even  about  the work, we love the work and we can tolerate it most days. It’s the corporate prison that is sucking the life out of us—a prison that cages the imagination, creativity, and energy of an unlimited spirit. Worse, can you imagine living with this tension for the rest of your working career? Is this what you want or are you longing to break free?

Financial Freedom in a Flash Drive tells a story of how a commonplace Millennial broke free from the bondage of the corporate rat race and into a financially free life, doing so by building businesses the size of a flash drive, while  leveraging  the  power  of  the  internet.  With  detailed accounts of the tools used, the skills acquired, and the mindsets adopted.

With the internet providing a level playing field, this book will make you realize that it no longer takes money to make money, it no longer takes a risk appetite to be an entrepreneur, it no longer takes a big company to be prosperous, it no longer takes a breakthrough innovation to get noticed, and it no longer takes a groundbreaking idea to be successful. Financial freedom is no longer the exclusive domain of the rich, the bold, the fortunate, the influential, and the smart. It is now within the reach of everyone who is willing to learn and work for it.

Leave the rat race to the rats, they don’t have dreams.

But you do, and it’s time to stop making compromises on the life you want to live.


To unleash the power of the internet, build an online passive income machine, get out of the rat race, and live a financially free life…

  • without leaving  the  safety  of  your  day  job.  Quit  only when you are ready.
  • without risking thousands of your hard-earned savings. Get started and keep going on $50 a month.
  • without spending full-time work hours on building an asset. Create a money-making golden goose by grinding three productive hours per week.
  • without begging for special favors from your circle. Rise to financial success independent of the resources or influence of your family and friends.
  • without relocating to a new place. Work on your online business from anywhere there’s an internet connection.
  • without needing any technical or programming experience. Leverage available tools and services and build your digital gold mine on creativity and execution, code-free.

Get started on the best online marketing methodology for financial freedom no matter how hopeless your current situation may seem.


Punch through the clutter of online get-rich-quick schemes, temporary quick-cash exploits, and secret easy-money magic bullets. Realize the essence of making money online, build something valuable, and generate passive income that leads to genuine financial freedom.

  • The reasons why a high-paying job will never lead you to financial freedom.
  • The steps to acquiring the necessary resources to start your online business while keeping your day job.
  • The procedure for choosing a topic that you are passionate about and validate its income potential before you even get started.
  • The recipe for building an audience of raving fans who would love to buy from you, starting from scratch.
  • The process of developing an online presence that would make you the thought leader and top influencer in your industry.
  • The formula for creating your own website without the need to learn programming or code.
  • The techniques for generating tons of qualified traffic to your website who are dying to listen to what you have to say.
  • The secrets to creating quality content quickly and consistently, even if you are hobbled by creative block.
  • The tactics to turn your visitors into fans and your fans into buyers while maximizing their customer lifetime value.
  • The disciplines for staying on track with your financial freedom goals and avoiding common mistakes.
  • The list of the best online tools to boost productivity and efficiency.
  • The habits for accelerating your success and claiming financial freedom.
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