Kirk Samuels


Kirk M Samuels is an author, motivator, ‘inspirator’ and bonafide porn liberator. He has inspired others to join him by going into the darkest places of a man’s life, with the purpose of rescuing the captive. He is a gifted speaker and member of Toastmaster’s International. One would have to work hard to leave a conversation with Kirk without feeling better.

Kirk was born in Washington, DC. Not only was he and his brother raised in the nation’s capital, but it was also the murder capital of the world at the time. Kirk’s father was an addicted Vietnam veteran, in and out of a mental hospital until he died at the age of 46. For thirty of the first forty years of his life, Kirk was addicted to pornography. Numerous relationships suffered as a result, and he also lost a military career. For decades, he yearned for something to free him from that trap. At his lowest point in the struggle, Kirk was ready to end his life. At that hopeless point in his existence, he experienced the most significant of breakthroughs, and he began to piece together information from many different sources to formulate a plan. For the first time in his life, he found a solution, something that worked, and he knew it could not be kept a secret. Realizing it would be of great benefit to others, he created a class, a program called Free Indeed. Since that time, many others have duplicated his recipe, allowing them to experience hope and freedom for the first time in their lives. Kirk’s real, practical experience makes him uniquely qualified to speak on the difficulties of the trapped porn consumer, offering insights from the inside and out.


Finally, you will see and understand the trap of broadband internet pornography like you have never heard it before. This is a view from the inside, presented by a man who has been in the pits of the struggle, found freedom from it, and now teaches others how to get out. Meet the IP Mistress and understand how she hooks the porn consumer like not even the strongest drug can.

This is not another book about how bad porn is or a rant about all the damage it is doing to our society. We’ve all heard that before. Rather, this is new, fresh perspective, an explanation and clarification not simply from learning or assumption but from someone who has experienced what really goes on in the deep recesses of the cyberporn world.

Learn How To…

  • See his struggle from a different perspective; after reading this book, you will never look at him the same.
  • Gain insight to reach him in ways pornography cannot, in his deepest, darkest places.

In These Pages, You Will Uncover…

Why a man will put everything in his life on the line for what seems to be merely a habit he could simply stop.

  • Discover the evolution of modern pornography: This is not your father’s porn!
  • Learn the difference between a sex addict and a porn addict.
  • There is a mistress in your home!
  • Porn is the brain’s pharmacy.
  • Visualization: The porn mistress captures his eyes first.
  • Variety: The porn mistress provides him with unlimited choices.
  • Vitality: The porn mistress brings him excitement.
  • Victory: He never loses with the porn mistress.
  • Vacation: The porn mistress allows him to get away from everything.
  • Validation: The porn mistress gives him an identity.
  • Addiction Cycle: He cannot get out of this cycle easily.
  • Medicated Cycle: He is medicating something deep within.
  • Freedom Cycle: Freedom is possible!
  • The pain in his porn.
  • IP Mistress Weaknesses: What you can do that
    porn cannot.