Kim Walker


A White House Consultant, Director of Music at Texas Tech University, former Dean and Principal of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and Director of Arts & Cultural Outreach Indiana University, Kim is Founder of VirtuosoCEO, a global executive coaching company. Professor Walker taught for eight years, the “Science of Strategy and the Art of Leadership” as part of the Global EMBA “Executive MBA” program held at the University of Sydney.

The “Virtuoso Factor” speaker and author, she’s also a celebrated recording artist with 33 CDs performing as a soloist on 6 continents. She enjoyed a decade performing as principal bassoon in some of Europe’s finest orchestras (London Symphony, the Chamber Orchestra of Europe).

This launched her opportunity to embark on a solo career where she was privileged to work with great virtuoso conductors such as Leonard Bernstein, Sir Georg Solti, Vladimir Ashkenazy and Sir Simon Rattle to name just a few.

Kim works with thought leaders, spiritual leaders, and 31 billionaires. She has mentored leadership teams for Apple, Telstra, Commonwealth Bank Australia and Mirvac. And She has a new Quantum Health Optimizing program that makes use of emerging Hi-Tech sciences to help people regain and optimize their vitality, and their emotional resilience to achieve health and wealth.

Kim has enjoyed three decades of helping people excel and achieve game-changing results, especially in extreme circumstances. Founder of the VirtuosoCEO Boardroom, 92% of her clients have 10Xed in 2017.

For decades, Kim hosted VIP events where she been able to observe, interview and even stand alongside great leaders backstage in their quirky, unplugged space: including Pavarotti, the Clintons, and the Dalai Lama. She loves skiing in Beaver Creek Colorado and spending time with her family, friends and furry pets.


INSPIRE helps leaders to identify, embrace and embody the key attributes of what it takes to excel as a transformational leader who creates a 300-year legacy. You’ll also have an overview of how 400 years of power and culture are intrinsically linked to legacy. The best part is, it’s simple and humorous and you will have an expert dinner conversation.

How it works is that instead of working with a coach, I show you how to master the essential attributes for yourself, with templates and musical examples. This frees up your time. Plus it means there’s no limit to how often you can use the leadership tools.

INSPIRE is for people who are interested to leave a legacy, make a dent in the universe and enjoy their life. If you want to achieve transformational leadership, then INSPIRE is for you!


Benefit from the Virtuoso CEO Boardroom has a 9-step system that I’ve designed to stabilize, reinvigorate and optimize confidence and clarity. No more burnout and distraction. No more being lonely at the top. Instead, you will create your 300-year legacy, transform your culture and influence like never before.

Each chapter of INSPIRE takes you through an irreverent view of history, a look at musical genius, political folly, aesthetics and leadership psychology. Just follow the games embedded in each chapter and you will reframe influence, courage and persuasion.


Your EPAG – Exponential Purposeful Audacious Goal!

  • Maslow’s Real Hierarchy: Mastery, Autonomy, Aesthetics.
  • 22 Virtuoso Tips.
  • The fact that “power over” never works long term, but “power with” leaves a legacy.
  • Influence and Persuasion are different tools.
  • The three major fears we all contend with and how to resolve them.
  • Freedom and Inequality• Compass + Passion• Four Pillars of Leadership.
  • Three Keys to Exponential Influence.
  • Persuasion’s Blueprint.
  • Empathy, Energy, and Evolution of Leadership.
  • How to dare to be outrageous.

“WHAT A READ!The way you bring so many concepts together and reference history and art to discuss leadership, deep inspiration and motivations are inspiring unto itself whilst being informative and challenging of preconceived ideas around how to approach performance, both in business and art contexts.Thoroughly enjoyed it, I found myself laughing, grumbling, enthralled and, above all, reflecting deeply on my own practice as a leader in my art practice and business ventures.Honestly, it’s awesome, totally get it, I felt you were writing it specifically for me!”

—Andrew Batt-Rawden
CEO and Publisher, Limelight Magazine

“One of many things at which Professor Walker excels is what in management parlance is called “vision”.As an old consultant in corporate strategy, I have found her exceptionally good at defining and articulating a direction and a set of aspirational goals to take a complex institution forward over five or ten years. She does not invent this all by herself but develops it by leading a process of dialogue with colleagues.We were often dazzled by Kim’s daring…but she was invariably proved right!”

—Ralph Evans
Former CEO, Institute of Company Directors,
Chair, SCM Board of Advice

““INSPIRE” rethinks, reframes and helps business leaders purposefully shift leadership perspectives with humour, grace, and inspiration.“Working with Kim we have been able to radically transform our business ‒ in just 6 months. Over 12 months, Kim’s mentoring and this EXACT formula allowed me to generate over $150,000 per month in sales.We have increased our profits 4X, all without having to travel. I love working from the comfort of my own home.”

—David Keplinger
CEO and Senior Partner
“Best Build Property Blueprint”
London and Melbourne

“Kim’s book INSPIRE changed my thinking forever was transformational for our business.Since working with KimOur profits grew 10x to $550,000 per month and set us up for ongoing exponential growth.Using Kim’s XPS formula, I consistently make $250,000 a month and now coach our whole team.Once we had the new purpose, vision, mission, and mindset, …XPS allowed us to grow very quickly and I love how everything is simple and easy to template for our team.Kim is inspiring to work with, …the results speak for themselves.”

—Jennifer Brown
CEO and Founder, GPS Wealth
Sydney, Hong Kong