Kevin Bergen


When a friend and success coach introduced Kevin to a disciplined regimen he required of his coaching clients, Kevin immediately saw the positive impact it could have. He began applying this regimen in his own life and quickly developed it into a program for his own clients, friends, and family members. The outcome was immediate. People who took the actions Kevin outlined found greater peace and satisfaction, and their productivity began to increase as days and weeks turned into months.

Several years earlier, after working in manufacturing for 15 years, Kevin knew he had to switch to something more fulfilling to him. He acted on an early interest in psychology and decided to pursue his budding passion to show others how to have the joy he experienced with his family. He entered graduate school at night while he continued to calculate production and inventory levels by day.

Kevin is now a marriage and family therapist and the director of The Center for Counseling, Recovery, & Growth in Torrance, California. He’s passionate about helping men find recovery from addiction and teaching couples to find bliss in their marriages. He also caters to the needs of highly successful people using a concierge model of coaching and counseling for very exclusive clients. While doing all this, he enjoys making beautiful photographic art and sharing his life with his wife and four daughters.

THE BERGEN PROTOCOL, is the culmination of a mobile app, a powerful website, and a complete system of daily wellbeing building, all contributing to success and achievement for people who are ready for something more. As a result, these people are achieving success in their work, their relationships, and life itself.


You’ve wanted to achieve something specific for a long time, but it remains just a dream. Or maybe you’ve taken earnest steps toward your goal only to fail again and again. THE BERGEN PROTOCOL will help you mine your innate potential for success. Elevating your wellbeing is key to effective living, and Kevin Bergen shows you 10 simple actions you can take to guarantee a better sense of wellbeing. You’ll see how boosting your sense of wellbeing will launch your success with writing your novel, implementing that brilliant business plan, attaining true recovery from your addiction, or simply losing 10 lbs.

Learn how to…
… to focus your efforts for maximum effectiveness.

You can finally break the cycle of “Try- Sputter-Give up.” You will see the power of applying wellbeing to your efforts. This is a powerful system to finally write that screenplay, launch that business, or get clean from your drug!

In these pages you will uncover…

… the real obstacle to success and the “magic principles” that melt through your roadblocks.

Want success at last? Focus on wellbeing and success will find you!

Discover …

  • The real secret behind success (hint: it’s more than just “real hard work”)
  • Why your focus on happiness keeps failing.
  • Simple system to track your efforts.
  • Quick assessment to reveal what your focused efforts should be.
  • A simple ingredient to turbo-charge your journey to success.
  • Special tip for handling low motivation.
  • The key to sustaining motivation.
  • How to quiet fear and anxiety.
  • A trick to beat laziness.
  • The silver bullet to relating with others.
  • Helpful wisdom for artists, entrepreneurs, addicts . . . and YOU!

“THE BERGEN PROTOCOL will guide many on their journey through the world of success. Simple but incredibly effective. A great guide for any aspiring achiever.” – Gerry Robert, Bestselling Author of The Millionaire Mindset

“The BERGEN PROTOCOL cuts straight to the chase on what you need to do to make the most of what is already in your control.” – Jean Guy Francoeur, Author of Messy Manager

“THE BERGEN PROTOCOL shows you how to systematically elevate your overall sense of wellbeing. Read it if you want to quickly learn how to take simple, consistent actions that will jumpstart your success in whatever you’re trying to accomplish.”
Derrick J. Navarro
, Author of The Power Persuaders