Kenneth Low



Kenneth Low has spent more than two decades helping businessmen, professionals, and homemakers with Will and estate planning. As an associate financial consultant, he heads a team of estate planners. A seasoned, sought-after speaker, Kenneth’s seminars are in demand by corporations, government agencies, schools, associations, and country clubs. His unique tips, practical ideas, and novel strategies are designed to help clients create wealth and secure their estate for posterity.

Kenneth’s passion to educate the public on the importance of protecting their most valuable asset— their families—from emotional pain compounded by financial uncertainty and helplessness in the event of the sole breadwinner’s untimely demise stems from the pain of having repeatedly encountered tearful clients who have been forced to pay a painfully high price for procrastination and/or ignorance. In his speaking engagements, his consultations, and his book, he aims to teach people how to better prepare, so these additional hassles won’t be a problem in the wake of an untimely or unexpected death. His clients enjoy professional, value-added service, as he works closely with lawyers, accountants, and other professionals to deliver sound advice tailored specifically to the needs of each person who comes to him for help.

Kenneth enjoys a wonderful married life with his devoted wife and partner, Bee Yen. They have been married for 17 years and are blessed with two lovely daughters.


Many people work tirelessly and sacrifice much to provide the best for their family. Sadly, in spite of their best efforts, they ultimately fail to ensure that their family will continue to enjoy the fruits of their labour, should they leave this world prematurely. Why? Because too many put off the planning until tomorrow. The reality is that tomorrow may never come, and if that happens, the grieving family is often caught caught in a morass of financial turmoil. Family Legacy – Pass It On Without Hassle provides essential knowledge on how to get your estate in order, so that your family will not have to suffer needlessly in the wake of your loss, which will already be difficult enough.

Learn how . . .

  • Effectively manage your estate to avoid problems such as potential conflicts, unnecessary delays, and even the possible loss of assets.
  • Take easy-to-implement steps so your family will be spared the hassle while they are dealing with the heartache of your loss.

In these pages you will uncover . . .

  • Practical solutions and tips that come alive through real-life stories.
  • Ways to maximize asset protection and distribution.
  • Easy-to-read and simple methods that will help you ensure that your loved ones—the very motivation behind every dream and goal you aspire to—will be blessed with a secure future.

Family Legacy – Pass It On Without Hassle gives you practical tips to…

  • Plan, preserve, and distribute your assets to your loved ones effortlessly.
  • Ensure that your estate remains liquid, with a surplus, and can be easily distributed.
  • Maximize your assets so your loved ones will always enjoy the same standard of living.
  • Accelerate transfer of your wealth to your loved ones.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can happen as a result of any unexpected turn of events.
  • Understand how common disaster and joint assets can affect eventual distribution.
  • Protect your wealth from potential creditors
  • Prevent your estate from being siphoned away by escalating costs.
  • Preserve and create wealth for future generations
  • Be aware of the nine rules of distribution and the hefty price of having no Will in place.

“This book has captured the essence and importance of planning one’s Will & estate. Sound advice, coupled with real-life stories, provide an excellent impetus for everyone to kick-start their planning NOW! “ – Tsitsi Musasike, Author of Moneynomics

Family Legacy – Pass It On Without Hassle is Kenneth’s clarion call for action. Masterfully written, it is filled with real-life stories through which Kenneth delivers critical information in simple, bite-sized form for the man or woman in the street.“ – Dr Lee Kuo Ann, Consultant Radiation Oncologist MBBS, FRCR (Clinical Oncology), FAMS

Family Legacy – Pass It on Without Hassle is an antidote to procrastination which is the real reason for putting off Will and estate planning.” – David Bunney, Author of Success Leaves A Trail

“This book is key for any businessperson who has laboured to build his/her business assets for his family. It is time for him to prioritize making time to protect and preserve them.“ – Anna Shilina , Author of The Business Tango

“Finally, a book that cuts through all the legal jargon and perceived complexities by providing simple instructions in doing up one’s Will and estate planning.“ – David and Tammy Stanley, Authors of Freedom = (Time+Money)2

“This is a book as much for families with children as for couples without children, singles and families with special needs children. It is a must-read for everyone who has a loved one to care for. “ – Nancy Hamity , Author of The Next Gear