Keith Kok


Keith Kok grew up believing that one should study hard and work his or her way up to higher income. With a critical thinking mindset, he read up on case studies in which school drop-outs had become successful millionaires. He quickly realized that successful people behave differently when it comes to money. And he discovered the painful gap in the educational system: Schools teach textbook knowledge to prepare students for employment opportunities, but little is taught about wealth management. Keith decided to embark on a journey to gain a deeper understanding of wealth creation by studying the minds of millionaires.

Keith is now an author and personal finance coach, aspiring to help people take control of their finances and begin creating wealth. He believes that every failure in life is a lesson learned, and learning from others’ failures and successes is the best way to accelerate knowledge.

We are in a rat race, trying very hard to escape the sad fate of working for life as employees. Some tried to save and invest in the hope to retire early; some tried to setup business and some do not even care about doing anything. Unfortunately, many failed to achieve financial freedom.

We have heard of stories about people who started off penniless and became millionaires. Inevitably, average people simply attribute these successes to “luck” or “miracle”. Many failed to realize that such successes are results of following well-planned strategies and unshaken mindset toward success.

The Step-by-Step Guidebook to Wealth Creation examines the mindset of the rich and develops a systematic approach to create wealth.


You can finally break the vicious cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and start taking control of your finances. You will see money in a different way and that financial freedom is now a goal that you can achieve as well. Wealth creation is easy with a well-planned strategy that you can follow with the correct mindset.


How even ordinary people can become extraordinarily successful.

Discover the 10-stage wealth creation model that guides your way to financial success.

  • Lern the step-by-Step system to create a blueprint for your financial goals and put it into action.
  • Know how wealthy people manage money and why you should do the same.
  • Know the tools that can help you in achieving financial success.
  • Overcome distractions that delay the achievement of financial success.
  • How to avoid the common money mistakes most people make.
  • How life insurance helps to create instant wealth.
  • Why people are still investing even though there are risks.
  • How “good debts” and “bad debts” can make or break your financial success.
  • The importance of writing a will and the impact for not doing so.
  • Why savings is no longer a safe way to increase your wealth.
  • Discover the 3 ways of wealth accumulation by Saving, Investing and Speculating.
  • Why succession planning is important in grooming the next financial pillar in a family.
“A well-structured guide that covers a wide aspects of personal finance. Highly recommended for all age groups.”
Alexander Woo, Author of Work Hard, Die Poor? Or Work Smart, Retire Young And Rich?