Karolyn Boyd


In 1998, Karolyn Boyd was diagnosed with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and was severely disabled for many years. She decided she did not want to live that way, and she insisted on changing her reality.

Karolyn is truly a warrior, full of unshakeable optimism and resilience. She is grateful for all her experiences and feels grace intervened in her life for a reason. Karolyn interacts with audiences in her teaching and speaking engagements, and she has a special ability to connect on a raw, genuine level. She speaks with authenticity and an immense passion for health. She has made it her mission to help those who are trying to reclaim good health and vitality, as she feels society is to blame for the current and ever-evolving obesity and diabetes epidemics. In her own life, she has explored many approaches in alternative medicine. She feels it is imperative that we reclaim our power through food freedom and by becoming aware of our current reality, expanding our knowledge, and exploring the possibilities. She practices what she preaches and has become a master of a healthy lifestyle, a pursuit that has allowed her to reach her limitless potential. Most of all, she enjoys helping others finding theirs. Karolyn truly understands that health is our most valuable, most priceless possession, something that must be cherished and treasured, for without our health, we have nothing!

Through her collection of modalities, Karolyn has become an expert in lifestyle services, specifically weight management, as well as the progression of metabolic disorders and diabetes. She has the experience to guide others to health with various tools and works holistically and naturally. She offers a roadmap to health and has mastered how to help others improve their lifestyles, with the goal of healing. She is passionate about empowering others to find the courage to implement healthy habits that will help them attain wellness. Karolyn developed the process of Boyd Total Lifestyle to reverse the progression of metabolic conditions. In her book, FOOD FREEDOM, she shares how to begin a path of self-mastery and reverse diabetes.


Are you stuck on a weight-management plateau? Are you diabetic, pre-diabetic, or genetically at risk for the disease? Any healing journey of transformation requires a shift, but FOOD FREEDOM shows that you do have options! Learn the new rules of living in today’s world and live happier and healthier than you ever have before.


Begin your journey to address your weight-management issues and free yourself from your current situation. Propel yourself to achieve better health and livelihood and evolve to unleash your limitless potential.


Think outside the box and open a world of possibilities to experience a new reality!

  • Diabetes and obesity have become epidemics, and carbohydrates has created severe imbalance in our daily diets.
  • Sugar and sweetness leave more than a good taste on the tongue; their deeper meaning revolves around love, comfort, and security.
  • Sugar is a drug and plays a role in our brain chemistry, impacting our hormones as well as our taste buds.
  • You may be at rock bottom, but your current reality can be a blessing in disguise that will open doors for you.
  • The role of the medical system, health and governmental organizations and the food industry is to keep you in your box and limit your thinking so they can profit by manipulating what you buy and how sick you are.
  • Give yourself permission to think beyond common myths and misconceptions and discover a paradigm shift that will reflect in your reality.
  • Closely observe and be aware of your behavioral patterns so you can make changes and connect with your intuition to help guide you.
  • Know the role of energy and intention and their resulting effect on your thoughts, words, and actions.
  • Realize the importance of having a catalyst and complete conviction and set priorities so you can reach your health goals.
  • Become a master of a healthy lifestyle and setting yourself up for success.

“SUGAR. This is a staple in all processed foods and is found everywhere nowadays. Just as it is a staple, it could also be fatal. A myriad of sicknesses comes from overloading with sugary, starchy food. Even when a food or drink claims to be sugar-free, they may, in fact, contain sugar substitute that is just as bad as regular table sugar. In this book, Karolyn explains the science behind our sweet tooth and sweet cravings and the resulting physiological effects and how we can reclaim our power to our health.”

—Andrea Mazim
Author of MAXIMized Health

“We perceive sweetness as a sign of love and care. Advertisements portraying sweets as a reward have been around for quite some time. Food addiction has become so normal that books containing this topic are very common. Karolyn has come up with a book that is brimming with practical tips for self-care and how to evade and manage metabolic conditions.”

—Suzanne Miles
Author of Fork It

“Metabolism is not created equally for everyone. You may be the same age as your friend and practically eat the same food, yet your friend may lose weight faster or slower than you do. Never will this circumstance be explained as well as in Food Freedom. Learn the WHYs and HOWs of metabolism by reading
this book. It will become your guide for achieving wellness.”

—Marilyn Pierce
Author of Ground Work Before Pound Work

“Find out the scientific way of finally shedding unwanted fats without sacrificing wellness. Learn the science behind the transformation of sugar to fat. Discover how simple dietary knowledge can make a huge difference in our bodies.”

—Elma Dionela
Author of How to Turn Scars into Stars

“Learn from someone who has a vast knowledge about this food topic. Karolyn has taken this subject to heart and selflessly shared her knowledge with us by making this book available. This book is a cross between a medical book and a practical one packed with simple techniques and is written for today’s generation. For a parent like me, it is important that my kids know how a treat would affect the rest of their lives. I will definitely have this book handy in my library or rather my kitchen. Congratulations, Karolyn!”

—Aquiles Tan Jr.
Author of My Second Change

“Access your inner resources to find the answer! Use your health challenges to awaken your consciousness.”

—Dr. Paul Epstein
Mind-Body Integrative Medicine and Mindful Healing Specialist