Kammie Lisenby


Kammie Lisenby takes readers who are overwhelmed with clutter through a step-by-step process she developed called Impact Organizing for getting more out of life by living with less. Clutter has a way of making us feel defeated. Impact Organizing offers a fresh approach to control it before it controls you.

Kammie Lisenby, former NFL cheerleader for the Seattle Seahawks, has been dubbed Seattle’s favorite organizing expert by The Seattle Home Remodel Show. Kammie’s mission is to teach a full-service, get-it-done-quick approach to eliminating clutter by organizing your environment that compliments your business, home, and busy lifestyle. She has been featured on King5 News and New Day Northwest and mentioned in several magazines such as O Magazine and Seattle Homes & Lifestyle. Kammie also donates of portion of all proceeds from The Organizing Experts to Together We Rise, a nonprofit foundation that changes the experiences of foster children for the better as they move through the process and the system. OrganizingExperts.com is one of the top visited resource websites for Seattle homeowners.

In her book, Impact Organizing, Kammie Lisenby takes readers who are overwhelmed with clutter through the step-by-step process she developed, Impact Organizing, relieving the feeling of defeat that often comes with clutter and offering a fresh approach that allows people to control clutter before it controls them.


Whether at home or in the workplace, do you feel overwhelmed by clutter? Clutter has a way of making us feel defeated, but Impact Organizing offers a fresh approach to help you control the mess before it takes control of you.

Let Seattle’s favorite Organizing Expert Kammie Lisenby take you through her step-by-step Impact Organizing process to help you get more out of life by living with less. If you adopt this method, you can transform any space quickly and cut the clutter forever, no matter what chaos tumbles into your life. Making “maybe” piles for later will be a thing of the past. Impact Organizing will transform your relationship with your belongings and help you learn to live for moments, not things.

Kammie’s full-service company has helped thousands of small businesses and home owners across Seattle live clutter free since 2008. She quickly became a best-kept secret in the area, known to busy professionals who need to maintain an organized lifestyle.


  • You can finally break the cycle of overwhelming and frustration spawned from unfinished projects.
  • Discover the power of living with less stuff, less stress, and less time-sucking decision making.
  • Use this powerful system to reclaim precious time, so you can enjoy the things you love most.
  • Create an environment in which you want to stay-cation, a home you want to run to rather than away from.
  • Start a weight-loss program with your home by learning to let go and setting yourself free from the weight of clutter.
  • Put yourself back on your own priority list; self-care is the first step to clutter-free living.
  • Learn where and how to start the journey to organizing your life.


Learning to cut the clutter from every corner of your life will inspire you to decorate your life with less. Start loving yourself and your environment right now.

  • Organize every corner of your life.
  • Use Impact Organizing to love your life with less.
  • Is your clutter worth the high cost?
  • Discover a blueprint to declutter your mind and rock your life.
  • Take a twenty-one-day challenge that will help you kick the clutter to the curb forever.
  • Apply seven expert tips to create an organized home, decluttering every room, from top to bottom.
  • Know where to start, even if you’re drowning.
  • Stir up excitement for an organization in your partner and children.
  • Learn what to throw out of your closet now.
  • Shed the weight and enjoy the healing powers of an organized home.
  • The guilt-free purge: Part with sentimental items while keeping your memories.
  • Gain clutter-free confidence and be the boss in your own place.
  • Love the life you’ve got.
  • Uncover the solutions to your biggest clutter challenges.