Jose Lopez


Jose Lopez is an electrical engineer and hypnotherapist. He has been a hypnotic-technology evangelist for 17 years. He is fascinated with applications toward self-improvement.

Through the years Jose researched and experimented several self-hypnosis and meditation techniques and discovered ways to utilize technology to simplify and enhance the experience.

Recently he invented the MotiCube, which has been proven in several case studies to be an effective holistic approach to dramatically improve people’s lives.


Have you ever felt frustrated with not getting things done, or trying to get rid of a bad habit but fail, or having a hard time controlling your emotions? There are a multitude of other similar problems that we face every day. It seems when we have conquered one problem, there is always the issue of recurrence or other problems not being addressed.

New media technologies are being developed every day at a pace that is so fast it is creating stress, distraction, and confusion. Instead a meditation object could be applied to reduce stress, get us organized, and motivated.

Introducing the MotiCube—a smart application of innovative form and function in a portable cube to enhance meditation and hypnotherapy techniques. The MotiCube meditation method has a spaced and holistic method of addressing these problems tailored to your needs.

This book explains this breakthrough meld of mind, technology and design that will revolutionize the science of self-improvement.

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  • Organize your thoughts so the six aspects of well-being are developed simultaneously and collaboratively in such a way that actual life solutions are tailored to what is best for you.
  • Dynamically sustain the resulting drive and motivation with constant self-feedback so you can decide the best course of action.


Live your life with confidence that your decisions are true reflections of your wants and needs. Your day will always be balanced to include the highest priorities at the proper time and sequence. Sustaining this enthusiasm and motivation is enhanced by spaced repetition that is also flexible but still effective. Every day will be a welcome challenge for the MotiCube-trained mind.


  • If combined properly, interactive technology and meditation techniques will result in the self-actualization development of a person’s well-being.
  • A harmonious blend of the spiritual, physical, time, emotional, mental and reality aspects of one’s self empowers a person to higher levels.
  • The six elements of well-being are called to action by the MESHES acronym, which stands for meditate, execute, sequence, heal, educate and screen.
  • The MotiCube colors and symbols provide a person with an anchor object to organize and track the meditation sequence. These also trigger each action element.
  • Organization, sequence and repetition are the keys to success, hence the form and function of the MotiCube.
  • MotiCube sessions lead to self-discovery and the knowledge of how to adapt and adjust one’s life to true, worthwhile goals.
  • Even more powerful, directed self-hypnosis techniques can be combined with MotiCube sessions to reach even deeper into the subconscious mind.