Jos Stuyver


Jos was born in Indonesia, where he lived with his family until his early teenage years when they immigrated to The Netherlands. When he began his studies in computer science at the Computer Programming College in Rotterdam, he was officially the youngest computer programmer in that country. Systems analysis did not even exist at the time, but after working only for a year as a programmer, he’d earned enough to realize his dream, which was to work with people.

He completed the necessary coursework for general physiotherapy, then took the next logical step, broadening his skills and training in the fields of sports physiotherapy, haptonomy, neural therapy, homeopathy, and German-American chiropractic’s. Jos also studied acupuncture in The Netherlands, Beijing, Taipei, and Colombo and attended the International Congress for Acupuncture in Sri Lanka. There, he received an International Certificate from the Health Secretary. He went on to study neuro-linguistic programming in Europe and America at Anthony Robbins Mastery University.

After he successfully completed his colloquium doctum at the University of Amsterdam, Jos applied a few times to study Medicine but was not selected (The Netherlands has a lottery system) Now, he looks back on that as a blessing, because it may have prevented him from other opportunities on a wider scale. Like famous footballer and trainer Johan Cruyff said, “Every disadvantage has its advantage,” and Jos knows this firsthand.

Jos then went on to study Psychology, Manual Therapy, Orthomolecular-and Orthopaedic Medicine, and Clinical Psycho-Neuro-Immunology which was a new science. Together with his wife Irene, Jos was a lecturer for years, at the Academy of Physiotherapy and the Academy for Manual Therapy for Physiotherapists and Doctors. Together, the couple wrote an extensive book for physiotherapy students, which they regularly taught and researched.For the past few years, Jos has penned many informative newsletters, which were distributed for free to his patients. He has also continued to give educational lectures to people interested in bettering their health and wellbeing.

Jos started his first practice in 1971 and had worked for decades as a sports and manual physiotherapist, orthomolecular therapist, and acupuncturist serving patients who come from nearby and abroad. He has been dubbed the “last-chance doctor” for many, treating several patients who suffered severe health problems due to obesity. Unsatisfied and unimpressed by the quality of orthomolecular products on the market in that period, he started OrthoPharma, a means by which he could develop his own products. In 2013, his daughter and son-in-law took over the business which is still in operation today.

In 2003, inspired by his passion to help those suffering from weight-related health problems, he developed the program “My Momentum” to help people lose and maintain a healthy weight. The program focused not only on diet but also on how to better one’s lifestyle in a safe, responsible way. Jos taught people how to focus on correct, balanced nutrition, offering a sustainable, lifelong weight loss and lifestyle program that worked well with his knowledgeable orthomolecular and naturopathy medicine vision. After realizing that he was giving the same advice to patient after patient to help them overcome many chronic conditions, he penned The Power 5, in the hopes that more will benefit from all he has learned.


Have you noticed that within your family, friends, acquaintances, in your work and in general, more and more people are suffering from chronic illnesses such as fatigue, depression, adiposity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, etc.? Do you agree that there is a worldwide epidemic that is made up of the following diseases and is known as the big five: Adiposity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and Alzheimer’s.

Have you also noticed that these five diseases are also being diagnosed in ever younger people and when you want to know how you can prevent yourself becoming part of this epidemic of terrible diseases and how you can in a simple yet positive, responsible way, change your life in to a positive, healthy way forward and yet keep it that way, then this book for you, is priceless.


• Prevent and treat multiple chronic diseases without the use of expensive medicine and its inherent undesired side effects.
• Regain energy and health that will allow you to truly enjoy life instead of merely surviving it or suffering through it.


Prevent and cure chronic conditions in five critical ways.

• Promote healthy heart function.
• Maintain healthy triglyceride levels.
• Keep your blood pressure right where it’s supposed to be.
• Support a healthy cardiovascular system.
• Keep your blood sugar in check.
• Turn your cells into blood sugar-burning machines.
• Promote a stable, healthy metabolism to keep a trim waistline.
• Start every day with ease and flexibility instead of stiffness and aches.
• Maintain healthy, strong bones and muscles.
• Regulate and strengthen your immune system.
• Maintain a steady stream of energy.
• Improve your energy, endurance, and physical performance.
• Improve your memory, mood, and happiness.
• Help banish that embarrassing brain frog.
• Increase your libido.
• Get more restful, restorative sleep.
• Healthy tips for longevity and beauty.
• And much, much more.