Jorge De Andrade


Jorge De Andrade is a senior IT Business Consultant. He has more than 20 years in the industry of information technology. He has started at the forefront of the individual computers, where large scale computers are now called dinosaurs. The world of the mainframes the teenagers or even the kids nowadays have no idea what kind of computing is behind their smartphones and tablets. Being in the IT world for that long he has seen the shifts in the way industries have used Information Technology, where trends were set in 3 to 5 years to what is nowadays, outdated before it is generally available. Products development reduced from 5 years plan to 6 to 18 months. Not only in terms of IT products development, he has seen the shifts but also in terms of ways companies have put in place new ways of working. From in-house development to outsourcing, from helpdesk to virtualisation, from managed IT services to the cloud. Jorge De Andrade has not only been lucky to see the changes that came along in his industry he has also participated in the changes in the industry. He has helped various enterprises to change their way of doing things. Banking, Insurance, Oil & Gas, Medical and public sectors has been his playground for many years.

The large and varied professional experience in many projects and countries has allowed him to demonstrate great flexibility and immediate adaptation to complex social and technical environments. From France to Norway, Belgium to Romania, Luxembourg to England. Being multi lingual, born in Portugal, grown-up in France, his communication and understanding has been beneficial in multi-cultural environments as well as in simpler cultural organisation.

His leadership combined with great personal skills, dedication and results orientated approach, his pro-active and no non sense attitude, his team player character and foremost diplomacy has helped him to build his career of where he is today. Proven by more than 20 years of professional and management experience.

He is now willing to share his insights in this world of fast pace changing environment. Willing to help those SMEs or SMBs depending in which time zone they are, by authoring Scale-Up IT, engaging in public speaking, participating in conferences, seminars and workshops. Technology can change easily and fast. At the end that is people that matters to grow your company. Systems and processes are there to support your ideas. Jorge De Andrade to help you in the management of the 5 pillars of growth combined together people, procedures, processes, practices and performance.


Business owners and entrepreneurs face the dilemma of possibly rewarding themselves after a certain period of hard work. Money is in the bank account. What could possibly happen around the corner for their activities? Are some of the activities in needs of development? Are there any potential investments to be done instead? Should I grow the business or is the business going to grow by itself if I use the fund available for something else?

Basically in the life of a start-up or small and medium businesses there would be time when the needs arise to scale up and face an amazing and quick growth. What about IT in this growing phase? Then how to help those business owners grow their IT as they grow their business?

Would it be by putting in place a vision, a strategy, the right mechanisms within the company for a manageable growth and sustainable business?

Get IT done right to plan the growth of your company and not splash your first big revenues with big life-style changes. Get IT Done Right first and buy your dream car later when your business is sustainable.

Learn how to…
Understand how managed and efficient IT can help achieving your business objectives. How having a clear IT vision, the right IT strategy, having systems and methods working efficiently, an IT infrastructure that does the job, does not hamper your core business activities. How to establish a “Win Win” situation with your current or futures IT suppliers. How to bring your company to the next level of success. How an entrepreneur would realise his vision. CEOs not to stay awake at night. As goes the expression in the IT world!

In these pages you will uncover…

How this could be applied to your own enterprise, generate even more revenues and how you would become the next successful story.

  • By Making Money with IT, leverage IT to help your business grow.
  • Answering the simple question: do you have an A-Team in your IT organization?
  • Getting to know how you get your IT staff, your IT organization, or even your IT suppliers to do what you want them to do.
  • Knowing where your IT infrastructure is going.
  • Controlling what you can measure.
  • Identifying where are your blockages.
  • Realizing how many projects you can get through.
  • Getting help when you need it.
  • Knowing who your customers are.
  • And most importantly delivering “Speed to Market” Products.

“As a how-to guide, this book contains loads of knowledge you can’t afford to miss. With those straightforward strategies anyone can use to helping their growth associated with applied IT concepts and easy to understand, some forgotten common sense, and definitely good practices.” – Brian Theis , Author of 8 Questions to Ask Before You Replace your Furnance

“Anyone who’s ever wanted to know the behind the scene of successful enterprises this book would shed some insights of how success can be accomplished.” – J. Michael Cavitt, Author of The “R” Effect

“If I could read only one book on business growth, Scale Up IT is the one I would choose!”
Myo H. Myiang
, Author of Think Richly