Johanne Brennan


A powerful woman from Ontario, Canada, Johanne Brennan is a survivor of nearly two decades of domestic violence abroad. An advocate for women’s empowerment, she helps people worldwide break FREE from abusive relationships. As an author, speaker, and consultant, her message is indisputable and profound.

Johanne is currently preparing a North American tour of speaking engagements to raise awareness on domestic violence, helping women to stand their ground and find their worth and independence.

Johanne has endured and combated years of PTSD, anxiety, and two major depressive episodes. She has had years of intensive treatment and extensive interpersonal therapy at the Providence Continuing Care in Kingston, Ontario. She has overcome obstacles many could have never fathomed in their lifetime. Additionally, she has also endured seventeen surgeries, two of which were near death. With the help of her family, she successfully accomplished self-representation in court after being in debt for $30,000 from legal fees in order to protect her children.

Johanne is passionate about helping women empower each other, and building a support system. She strives to help women to become authentic and find their true selves again through love, perseverance, and compassion for themselves and each other. Additionally, she helps women develop a bulletproof mindset coupled with listening to their intuition, which is the one thing that you can trust, after trust has been broken.


This book will help you discover how to thaw your frozen feet and end the cycle of hardship, pain, and abuse. For you to heal, nurture yourself, and finally begin to experience freedom.

Start living a real, true, authentic life towards a path of healing, peace, and serenity full of love and happiness.


You can finally break the cycle of physical, sexual, psychological abuse. In this guide, you will be able to harness the strength and endurance from within to free yourself from the denial, struggle, and shackles that hold you from moving forward in your life. It’s time to unlearn your unhealthy coping strategies, time to put YOU first, and time to love yourself again.


The ten steps to overcoming abuse.

  • Pinpoint the relationship as abusive through determining if it is physical, emotional, sexual abuse,
    or a combination of the three.
  • Overcome love that may still linger, which is normal; however, you don’t have to dwell on this. It is not a healthy relationship and moving on the what is best for you.
  • Pulling through grief and intense sadness is something you may experience after you let go of someone you had shared your hopes and dreams. If this is overwhelming, we will discuss ways to overcome that.
  • Emotional reactions such as anger and guilt may come over you. Hyper-vigilance is a trait one develops in an abusive relationship, and you may have many emotions and wounds and that need to be addressed.
  • Other individuals may be in your life now that you have significant relationships, but not everyone may be supportive. Some may diminish the abuse or even blame you.
  • These are practical considerations to look at: your children, finances, and divorce. There is no real quick solution. Often professional ones are a good choice.
  • Rebuild your potential by finding your sense of self again through reconnecting with your talents, strengths, abilities, and skills, as well as realigning with your values and goals in life.
  • Resist returning to the relationship even if you wish to return to the abuser. If you do return to the relationship, you must be strong enough to walk away after the first sign of abuse.
  • Maintaining communication is vital if you have children with the abuser and taking steps to manage this person in your life with a third person. This keeps things short which is important. Remember documentation and record
    keeping are keys.
  • Be open to love again even if life has left you feeling raw. A mental health professional can help you move forward in understanding that not everyone is hurtful and you can move on and live a happy and fulfilling life.

“To know your importance in the world and to love yourself above all else are ideals that everyone should strive to live for. The author fights for those who may be trapped in a world of pain and abuse, and demonstrates how life does not have to be so heart-breaking. Great job, Johanne for being the voice of reason many others need in their lives.”

—Aquiles D. Tan, Jr.
Author of My Second Chance

“Through her book, How to Thaw Your Frozen Feet, Johanne provides the light amid the darkness abuse brings. She tells her readers that there is a way out, and that happiness is and will always be a choice. Congratulations, Johanne!.”

—Rosemarie van der Ham
Author of The Bright Side of Divorce

“Sometimes it is hardest to see the things that are in plain sight. How to Thaw Your Frozen Feet encourages readers to stand their ground and recognize when enough is enough. To be fully aware of how happy life can be should be a human right, and through her words, Johanne is successful at making this possible for everyone.”

—Cheryl Duffy
Author of The Divorce Tango