Jo Ciaramitaro


Jo Ciaramitaro is a freelance writer, blogger, and speaker. Her first love is writing nonfiction Christian books that reach out to help people. She loves to share her own experiences in the hopes that others may benefit from what she has learned along her life path.

A lifelong Michigan resident, Jo Ciaramitaro knows that all seasons are destined to change in nature, and she believes our life seasons are the same way. As life is also ever changing, adapting is key to success in any endeavor. This is why she insists on conveying a message of hope, an encouragement that there really are better things to come.

For Jo, reading is a favorite hobby, seconded only by scrapbooking, though she doesn’t have as much time as she would like to invest in it. Warm, sunny, tropical locations are Jo’s choice of vacation spots, and she harbors a special love for beaches, wondrous waves, and majestic palm trees, because time spent on the sandy shores does much good for her soul.


Have you struggled and struggled to lose weight, like so many others, with little to no success? If you have, NEVER, EVER, EVER GIVE UP! is the book for you! It is possible that no one can give you all the answers, but you will find some in this book, written by an author who is still on this journey and is happy to share what she’s learned already, so you can travel the tough road to weight loss and better health together.



End the elevator of weight loss. The pounds go up; the pounds come down; the pounds go up; the pounds come down. Put an end to that now! When you change on the inside, the outside will change as well. Let’s begin with that and finally see the results we’ve been longing for.


Help for those who continually struggle with weight loss.

• When you change who you are, you will change what you do.
• Change must start on the inside.
• Only when you finally admit that you can’t do it will you discover that you actually can.
• All actions start with a thought.
• Control your thoughts, and you will control your actions.
• Train your brain to think the right thoughts.