Jill Javelosa


Jill Javelosa-Alvarez is an Author, Speaker, Consultant, and a Registered Early Childhood Educator with a strong educational background, years of experience in working with children, families, and early learning professionals. She works as an Early Literacy Specialist for York Region in Ontario, Canada and has been nominated in the Educator of Character category during the 2015 York Region Community Character awards. She is actively involved in mentoring youth and children in her community.

She is passionate about enhancing children`s learning through play and her messages place a strong emphasis on the importance of quality interaction and connection with young children. She offers consultations, training, and workshops to parents, caregivers, and professionals on how to support children’s early literacy and early numeracy development. Her life goal is to teach minds, touch hearts, and transform lives.

Jill is a busy mom of two wonderful children whom she is totally crazy about.


Here is a FAST FACT for you: In the first few years of life, 700 to 1,000 new neural connections form every second. At birth, hundreds of billions of neurons are present, and the fastest rate of brain development happens during the first five years of life.

Therefore, the experiences children have in their early years will set the foundation for his or her success in school and in life.

Parents and caregivers can do numerous things to support children’s learning and development, but there are a lot of demands on their time. They may be working two jobs or trying to find a job, going to school, managing household chores, and caring for other family members—and the list goes on and on. No matter how busy parents are, there are fun and simple brain-building moments which they can enjoy with their children to boost their child’s brain power in 15 minutes or less.

If you are a busy parent who would like some practical tips and tools to make learning with your child fun and interactive, this easy-to-read book is for you. If you are professional supporting parents, caregivers, and families, you too will benefit from the research and key messages shared in this book by well-respected experts in the field.


  • Strengthen your parent-child connection.
  • Engage your child and support their learning.
  • Stimulate your child`s brain development through simple, everyday interactions and/or play experiences.


There is no how-to manual for raising young children but there is a handbook for parents to make it easy and fun – The Handbook for Busy parents: Boost Your child’s Brain power in 15 Minutes a Day.

  • Key research on young children`s brain development.
  • The importance of secure attachment and strong parent-child relationship.
  • Foods which can give your child’s brain a nutritional boost.
  • Ways to support and enhance early literacy development.
  • Ways to support and enhance early numeracy skills.
  • Fun and interactive songs, rhymes, books and other resources to use with your child.
  • The power of play, physical activity and the importance of quality interactions with young children.
  • The value of technology in supporting early learning.
  • Benefits of connecting children to nature.
  • Understand the importance of self-regulation in young children.

“The practical advice, straightforward approach, and easy-to-read format of this book will help all parents support their child’s learning and development. The Handbook for Busy Parents is essential for everyone who wants to ensure their child’s future success.”
Joel A. sutherland
Award-winning children’s author and
Children’s & Youth Services Librarian
(MLIS, Aberystwyth University)

“As a pediatrician, I am a strong advocate of parent-child interaction. These daily activities foster healthy relationships which benefit the child’s long-term mental health and contribute to early brain development. This book provides simple and practical tips for the busy parent!”
—Thao N. Vu, M.D.
University of Florida at Orlando Health

The Handbook for Busy Parents is a practical guide for parents who need suggestions and ideas to support them on their parenting journey. Jill has combined solid research with practical on-the-ground knowledge of how to include current best practices as a busy parent.”
—Joan Arruda
CEO, Family Day

“A practical resource that celebrates the power of play and meaningful relationships within the early years. Jill offers simple yet profound methods and tools that will benefit a child’s well-being and sense of wonder”
—Alan Dean Faigal
Part-time Faculty, Ryerson University
National Youth Outreach Director, Culture Shock Canada
www.ryerson.ca/ecs | www.cultureshockcanada.com

“Being parents, for us, is like a rebirth of our own journey. When our baby was born, so did a new chapter that would redefine an improved direction of our lives. This book can serve as a guide for all of us new parents.”
—Dingdong Dantes and Marian Rivera-Dantes
Chair, YesPinoy Foundation

“This book is powerful and enlightening, yet concise enough for a busy parent. A must-read for those looking to stimulate interaction with their children, especially in those first formative years!”
—sandeep A. Ponniah, M.D.
Hospitalist, Assistant Professor
University of Florida, College of Medicine

“As a first-time mom with a starting career, life becomes more challenging and this dependable book is heaven-sent! An easy read for practical and heartfelt advice on parenting, I will definitelyAs a first-time mom with a starting career, life becomes more challenging and this dependable book is heaven-sent! An easy read for practical and heartfelt advice on parenting, I will definitely ‘prescribe’ this to my parent friends. ‘prescribe’ this to my parent friends.”
—Joann Kathleen Garcia, M.D.
Consultant, Pulmonary Medicine
National Kidney and Transplant Institute

“This is a powerhouse book of tips, tools and strategies for busy parents that simply work. A fantastic book that every parent or grandparent should read! Jill’s done it again.”
—Cathy Ferlisi
York Catholic District School Board Trustee and mother to three amazing children www.trustee.ycdsb.ca/ferlisi

“A quick read for a busy parent. A comprehensive recipe to have fun and enjoy with your child.”
—Vilma Raymundo
Supervisor, Ontario Early Years Centre

“What an incredible resource for families, caregivers and professionals alike – I gobbled it up! Jill is an absolute superhero for early childhood literacy, child development and for helping families build stronger connections with each other. Her passion and expertise shine through in this handbook. It is full of useful tips, resources and activities to incorporate in your everyday interactions with your family and/or community. A great read.”
—Emily Gladding, BA, MLIS
Library Manager, Vaughan Public Libraries

“This book is a tapestry of contemporary ideas from an early childhood development perspective, one that educates and provides real-life experiences that are possible for all parents. All it takes is you, the parent, to be present. Thank you, Jill, for such a clear and concise gathering of ideas. My children will get this book from me when they have children…”
—Kathy Boelsma
Lead Collaborator ReCognition and
Early Literacy Specialist for Lanark County