Jessie Christo



Jessie Christo began working in the financial sector in 1994 and has worked as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) since 1999. Also a Certified Professional Consultant on Aging (CPCA), Jessie is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission and is a licenced agent with the Financial Services Commission of Ontario – selling life, disability, critical illness and long term care insurances.

Jessie’s inspiration stems from his desire to help people avoid the financial struggles he saw in his own family as he was growing up, and believes that no one will have as much impact on someone’s financial success as their Financial Planner.

In his spare time Jessie enjoys travelling to warm climates, spending summers at the camp he and his family have attended for many years, volunteering for local charities, and joining 40 million other players at his favourite first-person shooter game.

Jessie lives in Toronto with his wife, son and his beloved Xbox.


As a business owner you face unique challenges and concerns that can keep you up at night. This book is designed to help you navigate these challenges no matter what stage your business is in so you can make better financial decisions, and have a balanced, successful and stress free life.

Learn how…

To harness strategies which enable you to:

  • Keep more of what you earn, save tax on your annual income and on your estate
  • Better preserve your assets for when you need it in retirement or to fund your legacy
  • Free up time to do what makes you money
  • Achieve comfort in your investments through proven solutions that can help you reduce your exposure to risk
  • Minimize trial and error in developing strategies to help you focus on turning more of a profit in your business

In these pages you will uncover… other business owners handled a variety of issues you may yourself be facing.

The Financial Toolbox is a resource that will help you deal with problems you may currently be facing and those you may face in the future. Learn from the successes and failures of a group of seasoned entrepreneurs because what you don’t know can hurt your business!

  • How to choose a team of ‘all-stars’ to support your business – Questions to ask and things to consider
  • Corporate Structures – What you need to know in the present and for the future of your business
  • Where to invest your money? – Inside or outside the company? – Tax and legal implications
  • Shareholder’s Agreements – What you don’t know can hurt you
  • Intergenerational transfer of wealth. – Mistakes, pitfalls and solutions
  • Probate and Trusts – Avoid the common pitfalls and unlock their value
  • Living benefits #1 – How to protect yourself against a disability destroying your business
  • Living benefits #2 – How to protect your business against a heart attack, cancer or stroke
  • How oversights and incorrect information surrounding Life Insurance can destroy your business
  • How to get the most from your most valuable assets? – Exploring group benefits to motivate and retain employees and partners
  • Chart your course with comprehensive financial modeling – Greenprinting to develop and protect your wealth
  • Bonus chapter – Concepts and advanced strategies that only the rich know about

The Financial Toolbox is the new ‘go to’ resource for business owners and entrepreneurs. Read it if you want to awaken your financial genius.” – Gary Fleming, author of Forget the Den

“The Financial Toolbox is a must have resource for every Canadian business owner and entrepreneur. A fun, entertaining business book written for everyday people, Jessie is able to explain the most complicated concepts in an easy to understand way. You don`t have to be a financial expert to read and understand this book. – Jean-Guy Francoeur, author of Messy Manager

“The Financial Toolbox is not a book for business owners who are content doing things the way they have always been done. It is about showing you new simple solutions to reduce your tax and increase your profits. – Itay Avni, author of The BIG Pay Off

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