Jessica Fuah


Jessica Fuah holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics with honours. She majored in Business at the University of Putra Malaysia. She has been working for various Fortune 500 organizations over the past eight years, providing valuable financial planning strategies and analyses for these companies.

Her role requires her to provide sound financial advice to boost the company’s financial performance. This is done by managing the organization’s budget, analysing the profit & loss statement and balance sheet statement, and by monitoring the cash flow. With her extensive knowledge and expertise, she has helped companies save millions of dollars on top of the $50 million that they make each year.

Looking at the various spending behaviours and the increasing number of bankruptcy cases in Malaysia, she has come to realize that everything she has ever contributed as a financial analyst are essential and beneficial to any individual who is interested in improving their financial status.

Jessica Fuah holds the strong conviction that every individual should take charge of their finances, protect every dollar earned, understand how money works and make a profit with it. She provides useful information and an impressive system that can work for anyone who’s willing to take action and improve their financial status. More importantly, an endless retirement fund is not just a pipe dream if you know the secret to the formula.”


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