Jeff Coats


Jeff Coats has made it his mission to find creative ways to Market and Sell homes in today’s market in order to help others reach their goals. He is an entrepreneur, realtor, speaker, consultant, coach and author with a 10-year background in real estate.

In his work, Jeff realized that the struggles many Sellers were facing were a direct result of their concept of the market and the selling process of their home. Subsequently, he thought it would be a great idea to write a book specifically devoted to showing people how they could understand the techniques that are used to sell homes in today’s market, and get quick results from them. The book is entitled Sell It Fast! Get The Most Amount Of Money In The Least Amount Of Time With Less Hassle!

In Jeff’s spare time he loves to experience the great outdoors, especially anything to do with a river, lake or ocean. He also enjoys helping people with their computers, as that was his first love. He is very passionate about reaching out and being a friend and mentor to the homeless and troubled youth in his community. When it comes to life or business, anyone who knows Jeff realizes that they can come to him for his advice or connections to help them move forward in their own circumstances.


How come some homes sell in a couple of days and others stay on the market for months or even years? Why can’t sellers get the top dollar they feel they deserve for their house?

Why does it take so long to sell your home after doing so much work on it?

Everyday a home is listed for sale and some of them sell right away while others hang on the market month after month and year after year.

When a house just sits on the market, selling can feel like a daunting task: waiting for an offer and having to show it week after week.

If you still have a mortgage you could be making payments when you’re not even living in it!

Maybe you have experienced time delays or lowball offers, or worse, no offers at all!

Can you relate to any of these hassles in selling your home in today’s market, or do you want to know how to avoid them before you list your home?

In Sell It Fast!, Jeff Coats shows you simple strategies on how to prepare your home and yourself for selling quickly in today’s market.

Learn How . . .

In this book you will learn how to present your home in the best possible ligt bringing the buyers that will make an offer on your home.

You will discover techniques that will set your home apart from others on the market and bring you the most amount of money that your home is worth.

In These Pages You Will Uncover . . .

Break away from what you know or have heard about what it takes to have an awesome home listing that sells quickly in today’s market. Take control of the process and get the results you expect.

  • Getting to know yourself and your selling motivation
  • How to tackle the clutter!
  • Learn to think like a buyer so you can get your home sold!
  • Tips on making the remodel decision
  • Importance of curb appeal and staging
  • Learn how to strategically price your home and understand its value
  • How to market your home for maximum exposure
  • Choosing the right offer and how the process works
  • Determining if an industry professional is the way to go
  • When is the best season to sell?