Jean De Galzain


Jean de Galzain D.D., O.M., B.S. is dedicated to the spiritual empowerment of all to live their best lives. As an inspiring speaker, life coach,spiritual consultant, workshop leader and author, he has drawn acclaim for his gift of blending personal stories with sacred teachings into heartfelt concepts with solutions to life challenges that resonate with participants. His unique passionate study of spiritual astrology, sacred geometry, spiritual healing and esoteric symbolism has made him highly respected with businesses and individuals for providing new guiding insights in a chaotic world.

For more than 40 years, Jean has dedicated his life to the study and research of the invisible energy field that surrounds us. As a child, powerful visions and dreams awakened Jean’s inquisitive spirit. Within 2 days of reading a booklet on Astrology, as a teenager, he began building astrological charts. He has developed a powerful intuition. He knows it is the mystic gate to the Universal Language of Nature.

Born in France and raised on a farm, he completed French University, began his spiritual quest and became vegetarian. He moved to the United States and has lived in Southern California since the 1970s. Following intuitive guidance, he has co-owned a health food store, managed a local TV station, produced award-winning graphics and videos, continued esoteric studies, became an ordained
minister and received a Doctorate of Esoteric Religions. These experiences have enhanced his natural talent of speaking from his heart.

Fluent in French and English, Jean presents worldwide. He offers seminars, webinars, life coaching and spiritual consulting services. His visual media presentations and keynotes make him a sought after speaker for groups and at conferences. You can contact Jean at or at his website, He can also be reached through social media including LinkedIn and Facebook.






If you are serious about:

  • empowering yourself by conquering the Invisible New Frontier,
  • seeking greater confidence and a clearer purpose,
  • wishing to realize your dreams and enjoy the flow of love and inner peace,
  • forging an intuitive connection between the head and the heart,
  • understanding how to make the invisible world real,
  • rediscovering your original life’s purpose to live your best life,
  • adopting new attitudes to attract more Good and Abundance in your life or
  • leveraging your hidden connection with the invisible realm for greater and deeper clarity,

then Time, Space and Wisdom, by Jean de Galzain is a must read for you!

Find out how to tap into an invisible – but real – world filled with powerful energies that lead to a richer life! Jean takes you to the hidden realms that hold keys to life’s mysteries. As a spiritual seeker, he shows you how to shake free of self-doubt, replacing those feelings with the light and truth of a world that lies beyond the reach of the five senses.

Discover the power of coincidences – seemingly random occurrences that actually happen for a reason. Develop more optimism and gain more self-assurance as you walk into more light. Getting in touch with the invisible world will help you live your best life. Tuning into that quiet voice within you, the spiritual side of you, enhances your personal and professional life so you can better serve humanity and feel wonderful about it.

With Time, Space and Wisdom you take your first steps into the light!


  • Connect your head and heart for more joy, serenity and abundance.
  • Expand your invisible sphere of influence to become more confident.
  • Use the messages in coincidences to make better decisions.
  • Develop beyond the five senses to solve your life’s challenges.
  • Find your life’s mission and co-create with the Universe.
  • Imagineer a brand-new world based on Love, Cooperation and Integrity.
  • Use astrology to visualize the invisible world and bridge it to the visible.
  • Eliminate materialistic toxic elements that keep you away from spirit.
  • Focus on positive influences to free your higher energy.
  • Align with your life’s purpose by replacing old beliefs.
  • Apply invisible world techniques to solve daily relationship challenges.
  • Use the power of intention to create more good.
  • Heed and value the guidance of the “still small voice” of your intuition.

If you are ready for immediate change that uplifts and empowers your personal and professional life, then you want to read the revolutionary ideas in Time, Space and Wisdom now!